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  1. You spelled 'The Onyx Hotel Tour' wrong
  2. This. Seriously, isn't it time this generation started coming up with new original material instead of f**king up the classics? Have some respect for God's sake.
  3. It's healthy to let your girls hang loose for a while, we weren't meant to live with bras attached to our bodies 24/7 so cut her glorious titties some slack, gays!
  4. It already is a feat. It has Myah singing the bridge
  5. OMG I'm so excited about this!!!! TMZ just leaked these stills from the first episode:
  6. Queen of acknowledging & promoting her songs 4 years later
  7. I see where you're coming from, nobody thinks that the performance was flawless but literally every celebrity has unflattering pictures and there's a reason why we call them "unflattering" - meaning, they don't capture the person in the best light and aren't necessarily an accurate representation of what the person really looks like. I mean, we've all seen Beyoncé slay at the Super Bowl and she didn't look like this: Taylor Swift doesn't actually look like this in real life either: My point being that Britney's appearance at the VMAs that year was blown way out of proportion. Everybody has their good and bad angles, and if you capture someone dancing and performing from a weird angle you can easily make them look bad. Of course, the fact that she wore extremely unflattering clothes and her hair looked bad didn't help the cause, but she was nowhere near fat.
  8. @Shadow2003 this is why I pay my Internet bill ""Radar"' shows Britney Spears graduate to the transcendentally equestrian empress of the universe" ~ O, The Oprah Magazine
  9. How fabulous would that be??? And she should end it all with Radar (Hors Remix) [Taiwan Bonus Track]
  10. OMG ikr? I wish I knew cuz it's beautiful! Whoever made it is super talented and I want to give them the credit they deserve! I found it through Google and sadly I don't know who made it EDIT: Oh wait!! here: The author is Giancor Designs Their work is amazing!
  11. I'd gladly put "Quicksand", "Rock Boy" and "Phonography" in place of "Out from Under", "My Baby" and "Radar" respectively But I agree that Womanizer/Circus/Shattered Glass/Blur/Unusual You AND IUSA + Mannequin are what makes Circus one of my all time favorite Britney albums I personally consider the fact Britney never got to record the rock album she always wanted to record one of the bigger injustices in the world
  12. Circus bonus tracks > the actual album and y'all will deal
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