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  1. Omg Almost Love by Sabrina is so good
  2. Got To Have Your Love by Liberty X
  3. I've never liked Selfish tbh, it literally sounds like she is saying shellfish But Scary is an underrated bop that could have been a single imo
  4. In the past I've seen people say the Work B choreography is sort of simple and not that good but I actually really like it and think it was a great show opener it's a shame no one ever corrected how stiff she moved her arm up and down during the "work, work, work..." Bridge part though The POM Breathe On Me performance is better than the Onyx Hotel performance by far Her performance of 3 during the residency is underrated, the choreography and props went really well with the song as it had the bar like the music video and she looked like she always had fun performing it I love the (You Drive Me) Crazy remix at the end of the show
  5. It's similar to private show but private show's vocals are even higher pitched imo it's awfulat least What You Need has parts where she's using a lower-ish register it's just more varied imo
  6. Those are fair points, it probably didn't belong on an album like Glory. I do like that she tried a new style though
  7. (You Drive Me) Crazy - I love the chair breakdown and her leg kick after "baby thinking of you keeps me up all night!" I'm a Slave 4 U - this is my favourite choreography from her so has to be in my list of favourite dance music videos lol Me Against the Music - I think this is her hardest choreography I love it so much Honourable mention: the Boys music video
  8. That's fair, I think she pulls off the song just fine though
  9. Chipmunkneyi agree tbh, but yeah you can tell how much she was feeling the song
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