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  1. Why u no follow me? :kyliecry:

  2. Just gonna put this out there, Camila Cabello is the Lea Michele of the music industry
  3. Even Hummingbird Heartbeat was sent to Australian radios but not Peacock The adult bop that got away Also sis, you don't like Firework??!! THE FIREWORK?!! The childhood defining song of every late 2000s kid?!? You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine just own the night like the fourth of July
  4. Yeah the remix strategy she started with ET. Doesn’t matter about non events or whatnots she knew what she was doing and that’s why she also released a B.O.B remix is TOTGA. You don’t have to point out charts for me when it involves her. I was a big fan of hers back then and that is exactly what put me off from her was how desperate she was for her chart success. California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Firework definitely deserved what they got. I wish she released E.T on her own to see what it could’ve accomplished. Even that one I’ll give to her. All the ones after that from that era? Without the gimmicks I don’t think they deserved the chart peaks they got. At all. Not even top 40 material. I get you’re a Katy stan and I get defensive too when people come for my faves, but one can’t deny that she started the fad of discount singles and countless remixes to chart higher. ET remix came before the songs you mentioned like TTWE and S&M Music is subjective so there's nothing really I can add to this because I for one definitely think that the TD singles did infact deserve their positions because imo they were better than half the songs from other artists that went #1 those years and saying those songs aren't even top 40 material... Well But it is interesting how much she grew as a person. From the chart hungry #1 pop star to the woman Katheryn is now. Well I'm sure anyone with basic sense can understand that Britney is incomparable to Katy and @Blackout2006 being a Britney fan is well aware of that im sure. Maybe it was the way he worded it or maybe it was the way you perceived it but it's just a misunderstanding from what I see. No one in their right mind would ever say that Katy is more successful than Britney. It's just a small part from a big essay, take it easy I'm sure he understood your point as well <3
  5. Katy Perry bought Russel Brand a 200k advanced ticket to space when they were married. He later broke up with her over text 5 minutes before her tour and Katy revoked the ticket before he could cash in Also, Katy did not know who Madonna was until she was 16 and used to picket Marilyn Manson's concerts as a child because she was raised in a very Christian family as the daughter of pastors and wasn't allowed to listen to secular music.
  6. Sis if I wanted to know who has more Grammy's I'd just google it. That was never the question and you missed my point. I was curious to know who had a bigger peak, not who was the better artist or who has a Grammy and I never did compare their artistry. My question was merely, who was bigger in their prime and you've made it clear that you have a default inclination to Ariana and a slight hate towards katy so you won't be able to answer this objectively but thank you for the opinion <3
  7. Katy comes and will never come near to what Britney is in her prime. That's a FACT. And it's a unanimous fact no one can disagree on. But you don't really have to belittle the impact Teenage Dream had singles wise. Sis none of them are forgotten that easily by today's standards for songs from a decade back. Most kids my age (many of my peers as well) knows most of Katy's singles from that era with the lyrics. Cali Gurls, Firework, E.T., TGIF, TOTGA (which didn't even go #1) are well remembered actually. And yes, remixes were employed to get E.T. to #1 but that was almost a widely used strategy to get any song to peak high in the early 2010s music scene right? S&M and TTWE are also examples. The Missy Elliott remix of TGIF was a non event, and sales show that the original song supersedes the remix by a huge gap. A pivotal reason why the singles of TD peaked high is because they were all very radio friendly and had huge radio support and sales. Firework is certified Diamond, with E.T. 10x Platinum eligible as of last week and Cali Gurls 9x. Let's not even bring Prism era into this. Substantiating this is the YT and Spotify stats of these songs. 7/8 singles from the era has more than 500M views and each track gets upto 200k daily on Spotify as well. Not many hits from 2010 has the same stats, even Tik Tok which was Song Of The Year by Billboard that year doesn't have these values. We don't even have to compare Britney and Katy. Britney is on a whole another league, a level of massive Katy never was and Britney never needed the help of chart success to establish that. @Blackout2006never undermined Britney's legacy nor did he connect chart success with her impact but merely just pointed out that Katy had a string of #1s from one era, which even current pop stars like Taylor Swift doesn't have from her whole career. <3
  8. While a part of me agrees with this, there was a lot that went in with Katy's life pre-I Kissed A Girl. After the gospel record she moved to LA by herself and performed at bars and clubs with self written songs and was picked up and dropped by 2 record labels while struggling to complete her debut album. She also had to partake background vocal gigs and even participated in an uncredited Matrix album while contributing to 2 unreleased albums she wrote between 2004-2007 before One Of The Boys was released, all without support from her family's side. Katy supposedly wrote over 80 songs in this period (a majority of which has leaked now), many of which were given as demos to Kelly Clarkson and other artists. Try giving the song "Lost" and "I'm Still Breathing" from her debut a listen. So no, Katy did not have it the easy way and make it big on her first try, but I Kissed A Girl was such an electric debut moment as well. As for Britney, Lynne worked hard to make Britney known, and she was already a local celebrity for MMC right? After Jive signed her with one Toni Braxton demo, most of BOMT was given to her, with much less involvement of herself in the making of the album. Britney shot through the roof easily with her debut, reviving a declining genre. I'd say both had very different career beginnings, but share a huge debut moment, although IKAG will never match BOMT. Ariana debuted in 2013 with an already successful TV show beginning and she released 5 albums. Katy debuted in 2008 out of nowhere and since then she has only released 4 albums. I'd say this is due to Katy having a lot more input into her albums as well as having "complete-pop-eras" like Teenage Dream which lasted for 3 years almost. And can you really call Yours Truly a success? So that's why I listed her peak has 2018 and beyond. But I get what you mean. And as you said 6 #1s record is impressive but Ariana broke an evenly matched record of occupying the top 3 simultaneously. Both had big billboard achievements. Also, I'm more curious about only their peak eras and not in terms of longevity. I can see Ariana with a much brighter career ahead when the same can't be said for Katy, but who was bigger when both were at the apex of their careers? I hadn't thought about this. Very true.
  9. Also Katy is the most followed woman on Twitter and Ariana is the same on Instagram 🙃
  10. Also ty @Blackout2006for giving your very valuable opinions on every one of my threads <3 This is probably the last time im making a dissertation of a thread in this section because seemingly no one seems to care
  11. At the end of the day it's just a question of who's songs will be remembered more actually. Songs like I Kissed A Girl, California Gurls, Firework, Roar and Dark Horse or Problem, Focus, thank u next, 7 rings or Rain On Me
  12. Biggest female debuts for albums on Spotify: 1. Thank U Next 2. Lover 3. Chromatica 4. WWAFAWDWG 5. Sweetener Sweetener came out first in 2018 compared to all these albums so thus broke the Spotify record the first time. But yeah I definitely agree that the album underperformed compared to the standards set by the pop girls before her. Omg I remember that song dominating the top 10 for who knows how long. After all it was the one who dethroned OTR. Damn we took 2019 for granted. Also there was Senorita. Where are the lies tho? Besides, I do think Katy was more of a visionary artist than Ariana. She delivered quality top notch videos, photoshoots, interviews, red carpet outfits, performances and tours compared to Ariana imo. Katy was never a dancer or the best singer, but she could write bops and what she lacked in performance qualities she made up for in providing a visual spectacle and production. I remember the backlash when NFL announced she was headlining halftime. But then she came and delivered a quality performance and she had the perfect hit setlist to course her through the show (although I'm still salty E.T or LFN didn't make it instead of one of Missy Elliott's songs ). And back then Taylor had an evenly matched rival but now she's undeniably at the top even though she's well past her prime. I remember when Shake It Off came out and made a global impact while Dark Horse was still dominating the 2014 music scene, a song from a year back. Had she made some wise career decisions post 2015 she'd still be relevant as others but being the visionary that she is, she did a 180 and turned political with the whole 2016 dedicated to Hillary Clinton's campaign, and then, Witness 💀
  13. Umm sweetener has the biggest opening week for a female album on Spotify at the time of its release, NTLTC is edging in on 1B views and streams on YT and Spotify and earned a Grammy
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