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  1. 2! looks like a princess's crown and after all she is the princess of pop
  2. Honestly? I think it's almost a given. It's disgusting and awful but Britney's rise to fame happened far before any of the rampant abuse in Hollywood really came to light (and even now after #MeToo, it's still going on, just to a lesser extent). I don't doubt people took advantage of her earlier in her career. I think the only way she could've avoided something like that is with parents who truly were committed to protecting her and well... she didn't have that. Also remember the story about Britney's Rolling Stone photoshoot, how she locked the door and unbuttoned her shirt the moment her manager stepped off set? I think her determination to get ahead combined with her youth and lack of experience probably made her an easy target. I hate thinking about this, I'm only 19 but I realize just how young Britney was when she blew up and it makes me so sad for her.
  3. first upload your picture to https://imgbb.com, then select "BBCode full linked" under the 'embed code' dropdown menu and copy/paste the resulting link into exhale! at least that's how I do it
  4. this is sad if it's really the reason why
  5. this whole interview is iconic tbh. britney saying her favorite position is 'on top' while also publicly claiming to be a virgin? today's pop girls could NEVER
  6. gonna break up the streak of hot guys sorry
  7. oh my god this interviewer is TRASH and actually tries to spin it like Britney's being needlessly evasive and rude, wtf. as someone who became a fan of britney in 2016, it's literally mind-boggling to see how people treated her in her prime. it's like all of America was projecting their own expectations onto her and got pissed off when she couldn't meet them. the 9/11 ****, WTF??? "hey, did you know your bubblegum pop act is partially responsible the worst terrorist attack in history?" "tell us you don't know how much a quart of milk costs so we can show how disconnected you are!!" "you wrote a song about ************?? aren't you scared you're gonna corrupt the youth?" it's not even a real interview, they're just trying to trip her up and get her to say something that can be interpreted as scandalous. tho I'm LIVING for how she obviously is aware of what they're doing, and their only choice is to write about her "blank look" lmaooooo. I'm so glad that this **** would never fly today. it honestly feels like the interviewer is one "blank look" away from asking britney what her IQ is.
  8. maybe I've been watching too much supernatural but Britney as an evil, femme fatale type demon would have been SICK omfg. i even edited her with black eyes just to see how it would turn out and tbh I love it, she looks innocent and terrifying all at once https://ibb.co/3mmJ7d9
  9. hi, new user here I was watching Britney's interviews from 2003, and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate how ~FLAWLESS~ she was! I don't mean in a strictly physical sense. I've heard a lot of fans say that her beauty peak was 2001-2002, which don't get me wrong she was amazing those years, but does anyone get me when I say she just had that extra fire inside of her in 2003? she seemed so in touch with her music and her sexuality. she was no longer conforming to the america's sweetheart 'good girl' image so she gave no ****s, and just had a fierceness to her that I don't think she's ever regained. in this one interview she talks about how she's excited to age and grow as a person, and her zest for life really shines through. it's like she had all the passion and raw talent and skill of 2000/2001/2002 britney, but with a new ownership over herself and her womanhood. anyone else think 2003ney (and early 2004ney) was the prime of Britney's artistry and confidence? or am I just glamorizing a volatile and overworked time in her life
  10. she has rhythm, fluidity, and lightness in her dancing here. circus curbstomps most of POM, tbh.
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