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  1. “I wanna be a virgin till I get married” LOL She did use people, teenage girls mostly, to sell records. Each of these popostars has done it somehow.
  2. Beyoncé has the same problem (she really can’t talk). A student who just finished the elementary school can do better than them.
  3. It was a smart move, i agree. I just don’t like what we saw on stage. The show was really poorly made. Bad coreographies, bad costumes, the set list was ok at best. And Britney? She was awful most of the time. I mean, she clearly had fun but didn’t care at all about her performing skills. She wasn’t making any effort. And can we talk about the fact that the only time she sang live she was covering a someone else’s song? That’s ridiculous. I don’t care about “oh everybody knows she doesn’t sing live”....is this something to say so loud as if you’re proud of it? C’mon. She stopped selling out after one year (maybe two). There’s a reason for it.
  4. Some fans are already asking for new music. They have some of the top comments on instagram. Just saying...
  5. Someone should remind her of the fact that her career is based mostly on the way she looks. That’s why people are obsessed with her body.
  6. And also, the biggest majority of the comments on her instagram page are positive, since her team deletes everything they don’t like. What comments has she read?
  7. I have always had the feeling that she never liked us that much. And by the way, why is she angry with people judging her body? Her entire musical career has always been based on her physical appearance. Without her beauty and her terrific body she wouldn’t be where she is now. I don’t know what to think. I’m glad it’s been almost a decade since the last time I gave them my money.
  8. She was so beautiful in the video. And everything about the song is cool. The track is terrific. I also love her Radar performance during the Circus Tour, one of the highlights of the concert.
  9. 3) Break The Ice is boring. The first few seconds are cool, but that’s all for me.
  10. 1) I don’t like most of songs in the first two albums. I like the singles that were released and a few other songs (like Soda Pop and I Will Be There). The rest of the tracks are just crap to me; 2) Don’t get wrong: I know it was a bad time for her but a part of me hates her so much for the stupid stuff she did between 2004 and 2007. Why marrying that Kevin? Everyone told her it was a terrible idea. And I get that she was lonely and whatever but how can a mother of two little boys do ***** like the ones she did during her breakdown? The top of that is her 2007 VMA performance. What is she going to tell her kids one day when they will discover that she lost the custody of her children because she clearly wasn’t a good mom back in the day (she just wasn’t a good one, tell yourself every f**king excuse you want, she was bad bad bad). And what did she do to herself? She never fully recovered. Something died during that 2007. She could have handled her divorce in so many ways, she chose the worst for her and her kids. A part of me will never forgive her for that.
  11. It’s no secret she has been a mess on stage since 2011.
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