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  1. LOL, and yet Beyonce nominated a million times for her lack luster music......wonder how she got those noms?
  2. King or armpits lol.....Is he still with the racist?
  3. I hate all this talk about her being a cheap GAGA. I love her, the album is perfect...so excited for new music. He music videos are fun, her dancing is meh tho lol Its genius to release the same album with a new song. I need Britney to have this level of strategy.
  4. I don't think we will hear anything on it from Britney. She hasn't spoke out, she isn't going to. I think it is smart for her to just let the lawyers do their thing, since the media is so hard on her. We have to look at the court docs on how she feels. She said she isnt working, so she won't be saying anything about it....she has no management now so no one is going to announce or do anything. I wonder who there even is to push out to the digital platforms? Unless Lou did all that before quitting. This song is some left over deal that Lou/Tristar made, that was put in motion long ago. Probs right around the time of the Mood Ring release. Ill listen but, I don't have an expectations for the song.....i even wonder if it will go to itunes/spotify. Who is there to manage anything?! lol
  5. Its just a matter of time before Jaime is removed. She isn't going to be out of the conservatorship, for a bit she stated through court docs she retains her right to do it later. Bessemer might be looking for new management for her, Jaime will be gone by 2021. She will release new music, and prove that she can handle everything herself, including a new era....but I don't see any of that happening until mid 2021....but maybe im wrong, maybe she has been working on stuff.
  6. I legit love his vibe, just like I love Sam Smith's vibe......but I don't find him attractive. I found that shoot artistic, other than that, I felt nothing LOL
  7. Yea, I hated that quote too. I feel awful for Britney. I have my own family troubles and I know how hard they can be to deal with. @Jordan Miller I hope you aren't scared of Jaime anymore. He clearly took advantage when you were younger and didn't know that his legal threats were crap. I know all of us are scared of being sued cause we don't want to spend the money, but as proved by Lou's court battle its all something a judge wouldn't entertain, and none of us would lose.
  8. The song sounds boring to me. The biggest take away for me, is that the LaChapelle shoot was fire, and I really think she had a vision for Glory that they didn't let happen. Her chained up in the desert, forced to be there. Same with the Make Me Video. While we don't know what the final outcome was to be we know she dances, then she just goes back and is trapped in this house where she is caged. I think she was trying to sneak in a message and Lou and Jaime put the kibosh on it and forced her to redo it all with zero budget. The snippet of the song sounds like a filler track to me, and it is interesting that she doesn't have anything up on her social media like she did with the mood ring remixes. I think this is some left over deal that Lou did before her exit, since really britney has no management right now. Im really hoping she gets to be the artist she wants after all of this, and gets good management that can help her put her vision out there without someone guarding it or reworking it for their own narrative.
  9. @Jordan Miller "Sorry, Im a mess" with styled hair and a tank. It's almost like when I go "sorry my house is such a mess!" when I know darn well that the maid just came and I cleaned again myself.
  10. I didn't know he has/had Ties to Lou...was he signed with her? What are the ties, Im so curious! All the latest docs confirmed to me why everything teams Spears has been so cheap. The more they hold budget, the more they probably skim off the top. Like I said Lou has too many Florida LLC's and that means she is hiding money from all over the place (allegedly..eye rolls at typing that). If I was one of her clients I would look into where their money is going.
  11. Thanks @remixedbynick, I forever stan you! Please never stop remixing <3
  12. I agree, but its sad that it had to come to that for Britney to get what she needs. I thought my point was made in my comment. Can't wait till there is damning info on Jamie, and I really hope Lou doesnt get off from this either. I hope it ruins her career.
  13. This, I 100 percent agree. If she wants to pay him to cook her meals thats fine. Her body has stayed consistently amazing with Sam.....and if she paid for those things anyways, which you know she did...then whatever. Everyone should calm down. The only way I would see it to be problematic, is if Britney didn't know that...then that would be screwed up. What's also screwed up, is people being able to see her personal information.....no other star goes through this....its sad she had to let everything be open that is private so she can get her freedom. I really feel for her, but she is a powerful woman, I know she will get through this!
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