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  1. This is actually very true and honestly f**k homophobes
  2. Can’t some Russian or Brazilian fans host the website instead? This is putting him in so much jeopardy
  3. this is not the criteria though, BOMT/Toxic (USA/Globaly) is obviously her best performing singles but we're talking about sustainability and image here. S4U built the performer image and the song sounds amazing even after more than a decade. BOMT/OIDIA are like not close to the sustainability of S4U to be honest.
  4. Since Air is a new feature it should be called "Ascension" but this entire renaming thing is a little over the top.
  5. Can't wait for Madonna to save Pop music with Faz gostos music video.
  6. @breatheheavy The fact that the best comments/posts are at the top is a good thing, this might seem like a strange thing to get used to at the beginning but it will raise the quality of the content delivered at every thread everything is renamed in an attempt to give this site a sense of individuality is a good attempt but very poorly executed. this is just confusing for all of us. we need to know who posted the last comment, this is something that existed in forums for ages, it is an indicator for people whether someone added on to their discussions so they would read what they added, I find it very inconvenient for that to be removed. Thank you for all the hard work I hope you don't take this offensively in anyway and receive this just as innocent feedback.
  7. Britney is a woman, when women show emotions they're dramatic, when they show rage they're hysterical, when they show frustration they're struggling with their mental health and are a psycho. She's just a person leave her alone.
  8. The song aged like french napoleon vintage wine. Seriously, the song still have a unique sound and vibe, it makes anyone want to shake their bum few seconds into the song. The song had AMAZING performances and her most memorable performance is when she preformed this song in the VMA, also THE REMIXES (except 2018 disastrous remix). it also captures the spirit of everyone in Britney's age when she released the song (including me). the only negative thing about this song is the current legal situation of Britney and how it resembles the song in a f**ked up way.
  9. Britney non-single tracks are f**king amazing in general
  10. I hope all the Gaslighting Britney is being exposed to doesn’t actually get into her head ;_;
  11. What if the entire fasico is actually about an abortion? What if Britney got pregnant sometime after the tour and Daddy spears forced her into an abortion so she would preform in vegas. Then something snapped in her head because of the trauma and she woke up to what is actually going on and started acting rebelliously and consequently, she was “checked in” into the facility. Then her mother heard about the entire thing and her mommy instincts kicked in and then all the court stuff happened. This probably really farfetched but it makes so much more sense than “Her drugs stopped working and she turned crazy” I mean something must have happened that caused this cascade of events. Why would Britney of all times decided to fight in court now? Why would Andrew Wallet of all times leave the conservatorship after a big raise? I think they can force Britney into an abortion as she technically has no legal autonomy over her body and actions.
  12. I think that's just White people for you. (no offence) Also Asian females look flawlessly till they hit menopause then BAM they turn into the typical asian grand ma
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