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  1. So you wouldn’t push your partner to be at your graduation? You wouldn’t push your partner to meet your parents? She should attend events that celebrate him. That’s one of the many unspoken rules of relationships.
  2. Yes he could be faking it yes he could be on the payroll. but these are all just assumptions. From what Britney is sharing with us they’re really happy together and he brings her joy. if you respect our Queen then you need to respect her King. Bashing him will only make her image worse because they’re partners. No body is perfect. if you want to decide how Britney should live her then you’re no better than Lou Taylor aka Satan.
  3. When Sam is spending time with Britney, he gets bashed. When Sam is not spending time with Britney, he also gets bashed. What’s wrong with you? Do you really think that he doesn’t have the right be at her house, HER BOYFRIEND, for some ****** reason?
  4. Ughh the panda eyes are back. well at least she’s feeling her oats.
  5. Can we chip in to hire a hitman from the dark web instead? This Is some inhumanly ****ed up ****.
  6. The only thing these accounts are doing is letting us know that she is alive. She is by no means communicating over the accounts.
  7. Wouldn’t the account be impersonating Britney if she owes no email address and she is not in hold of the credentials? shouldn’t Britney’s accounts be controlled by Britney legally?
  8. Didn’t Lary say that she doesn’t have her own email address because of the conversatorship? Last time i checked that’s a main requirement for creating a social media account. Team con has been censoring us since the moment started. Maybe it’s time to censor them back?
  9. So.. she either could connect to the court but was threatened not to. or this is an attempt to make her look bad.
  10. No. I just said that Britney is going above and beyond to show us that they’re in love and their relationship is strong. (As much as our private Britney can do ofcourse) this means that whether he’s a gold digger or not is irrelevant because she’s expressing happiness and desire towards and him. As a fan base we should respect that and respect her judgement.
  11. Mentally incapacitated people are also easily taken advantage off. That’s what i was referring to. If she cannot tell whether he’s a con artist or not 4 years into a relationship then she might be mentally incapacitated. or.... wait ... hear me out... the relationship is actually real and they’re in love! Shocking I know!
  12. Your brain is not damaged, it’s just PTSD from the experience. psychedilecs don’t cause long term damage afaik from one use. The **** Britney is on though? Who knows.
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