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  1. Leave worrying about Britney’s brand to the people who get paid for it (Team Con). and worry about Britney the person.
  2. There is nothing exciting about an Christmas track when the world is in chaos over a pandemic and Britney is literally fighting against her oppressors. Mood ring is different, it fits the melancholic state everyone (including Britney) is in.
  3. if you scroll to the first myth they debunked you will find this statement 'The statement "Vinyl sounds better than CD" has nothing to do with objective measurements.'
  4. Whether you like the audio you listen to is subjective. physical qualities are not. Vinyls (and all analog storage) have lower dynamic range than digital. you can read more about it here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_analog_and_digital_recording
  5. Censorship is the cranny of the corrupt. another reason to love Breathheavy.
  6. I whole heartedly agree. However, Vinyl is a very mature technology, meaning that there isn’t much development happening to it. I personally wouldn’t think i would hear the difference between a 500$ player and 2000$ player. while speakers are also mature (they’re just big magnets with a wire) there is definitely a noticeable difference between 500$ and 2000$ Speakers and it’s literally what’s playing the audio. So that’s what i would recommend people to invest the most in. DACs are the least mature technology in Audio and there is definitely an appeal to buying new DACs every once in while (while speakers can literally last decades) as new source files and trends (MQA on Tidal for example) emerge. However, it is really pointless to invest in DACs if your speakers won’t pull their weight too.
  7. The only other ‘pop’ album i own on Vinyl is Ray of light (Black friday two years ago). that vinyl honestly sounded better than Tidal tracks (my boyfriend couldn’t tell the difference and he likes the warmth of vinyls). Which made me to believe that my DAC is lacking (I own a Denon PMA-600 NE amp and i’m using its integrated DAC on till i get more cash). So, from my own personal opinion, if both source materials are mastered properly and the output systems are good enough, vinyl and digital sound the same. Unless the audio was mastered/recorded with analog equipment.
  8. I’m not going for analog vs Digital. I’m going for vinyl vs everything else. The remixes were honestly not what the artist intended for these tracks to sound (on vinyl). While the more vocal themed tracks (side b) sounded awesome. So I cannot blame it on the person who mastered these tracks for vinyl as he did an awesome job with side b.
  9. This is the only case where Vinyl is objectively better than digital files. Thank you for taking the time to explain this.
  10. The remixes sounded subpar in my opinion. I consider my system to be decent. however, Audio is subjective. and vinyl is known to have a lower dynamic range than digital. I have never heard anyone recommend listening to rock music on vinyl.
  11. Vinyls would be great for Classical, Jazz and soul music. but i really wouldn’t want to hear Femme Fetal on Vinyl lol. if you’re planning to buy a vinyl player i really recommend schitt as a brand. They offer the best bang for the buck imo.
  12. I’m pretty sure music in this millennia are not recorded on Analog equipment anymore (unless they specifically opt for that).
  13. If you’re talking about the record store day vinyl then here is my review. the remixes are awesome as tracks but you can really hear the effect of the low dynamic range of vinyls at some points. the b side (with Oops tracks) sounds absolutely phenomenal. The problem with digital files (in comparison to analog audio on vinyl) is that you really have to invest well in DACs and make sure that there is little interference to get bit perfect sound. The vinyl sounds better than playing loseless tracks on Tidal. But i have some bottlenecks in my sound system so I wouldn’t be the best to judge.
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