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  1. Another one is obviously the 2008 VMAs because it would have been a redemption performance to her last year Gimme More performance and it would have made a lot of positive headlines compared to just win 3 awards.
  2. One missed opportunity for me was always the 2008 American Music Awards. It was just a few days before her "comeback" performance at the "Bamby Awards" in Germany. Still don't understand why they picked a german show for her official "comeback" performance and not a big US show where she already performed before and had a great history.
  3. Yes, not the first time, she shaded her about her playback when she herself lyp sync all the time or does prerecorded live vocals and is known for not being the best singer, then she said how she watch Britney (during the Circus Tour) basically chewing a gum the entire show and doing nothing on stage pretty much and mocked one of her Instagram video where she was dancing on her Instagram story basically saying "look what drugs do".
  4. She was literally mocking her in one of her Instagram video where Britney was dancing a few weeks ago. She showed the video with the caption "Look at what drug does" She clearly didn't do her research and just based her opinion on hate.
  5. He said he's sure if this video doesn't blow up that her team won't see this interview because how could they find this random video out of nowhere but clearly he doesn't know the media that well because this is definitely gonna blow up.
  6. He pretty much implied that they are in contact. He said they lost contact for 10 years after a few weeks following their marriage cancellation and basically insinuated they were friends / in contact as of lately, maybe the last 2 years since it's been 12 years since their infamous wedding. He said he always loved her and wished they could go Bonnie and Clyde on this conservatorship and decide to see each other and not let somebody else decide for them.
  7. I think he got a little lost with the number of albums she already released and may not have been aware of the new contract with RCA once Jive just down because he also said she signed a 8 albums recording contract and only had one album left but Britney Jean is her 8th album and we know "Glory" so she clearly signed a new contract he wasn't aware of.
  8. That may have been where the confusion was at. Me, him and surely other fans who i saw commenting that too, probably weren't aware of the new RCA contract. He also said she originally signed a 8 albums recording deal which confirms what you said and contradicts what he said.
  9. For those questioning his intentions, like why is he only revealing all that after all these years, it's because he insinuated that him and Britney are secretly in contact after years of not talking. And his friend, the host of the video, talked a lot about Britney on YouTube, social media and Patreon and he knew Jason Alexander personally and asked him to do this video. And like he said, he could have done plenty of interviews throughout the years about Britney but refused them because this is not his World.
  10. Dunno, maybe he's misinformed about that. I also thought she only had one album left.
  11. Summary: -He mentioned he's aware of the Forbes article, Lynne filling for Petition and the White House petition. -He hasn't done any interviews about Britney after all these years because this life is not for him and the few time he did do interviews, his words were twisted. -He talked about how even back then, Britney wanted more control over her career and was frustrated she could have more control over her albums and songwriting. -He said he knows for a fact that Britney supports the #FreeBritney movement. -He dragged Jody for making millions off Britney. -About her Instagram videos he said she was a slave so she tries to get busy and creative as much as she can while being so lonely in her house. -He called us fans genuine for talking and speaking out for Britney because it's not TMZ, working at any cost for Team conservatorship, that's gonna help her cause they are against her. -He's shocked over the conservatorship and how it's the first time in history a conservatorship has been used this way in America. -She's being forced to take meds and obviously it will affect her negatively. -She broke into the scene at such a young age, being oversexualizing at only 16 with the Rolling Stones cover. -He's almost positive that her mom's bloodlines was royalty. -"The Original Doll" could be a new album with just some new songs on it. -The "Break The Ice" video is basically a response to the rumor saying Britney has a clone. -He wants to be a friend for Britney. -He talked about MK Ultra with Britney and how she could have been drugged up and while she was out, who knows, if her team didn't do something like MK Ultra on her. -He hasn't talked to Britney in 10 years until recently and he hopes this interview doesn't blow up so he doesn't get him or Britney in trouble. -He run into her brother and uncle from time to time in Kentwood. -Britney may have ptsd over becoming a celebrity overnight. -He said Britney may be more open to him than her own sister because sisters can argue. -He said she has talent but was never able to fully showcase that because she had to follow "a script". -He's exciting about her only having one album left on her recording contract just to see her creative side being explored. -He dragged Sam (Asghari) for filfth calling him gay, hired, a poster boy and that he's not really her boyfriend -He revealed Britney and Kevin are good. -He's mad that they can't choose to see each other and should be the one deciding who they can see. -She went through one bad episode and people can get through it in 6 months to a year but she has been paying the consequences for 12 years because she's Britney Spears. -12 years later, she should be better and yet, she's supposedly so bad. So clearly the conservatorship is not helpful. -He joked about her dad killing him if he knew he did this interview. -He signed a ton of contracts, millions to shut him up about the 55 hours wedding and Britney was forced to cancel their wedding and even though they asked him not to talk with Britney, they continue to talk to each other before and after the marriage cancellation. -To help, he asked to pray for Britney, specially since she really believes in prayers like he does. Follow the hashtag #FreeBritney, show up to the courthouse on the next court hearing.
  12. I'm doing a summary right now, gonna post it soon, too lazy to do timestamps
  13. The fact is aware of the White House petition, Lynne filling a petition, the Forbes article etc Truly one of us.
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