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Everything posted by mrjmendes

  1. I like scream and shout remix is my fav!!!! And the second fav is boys ❤️
  2. I kinda see her clips, and i kinda Like her...but I dont think her voice is that woooow. Those Highnotes were hard to ear xD
  3. I had red first, Back then I was Like 6/7 yo then I had yellow, then silver, then cristal then ruby and then I discovered emulators and played them all
  4. I am a libra, virgo ascedent and moon in capricorn. Tell me the truth, im all [email protected]&ked up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. imagin' you doin' it like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMe3J5i1BL
  6. I see nothing wrong. Since we got no new news. I kinda laugh with this. This people around here are so child-ish they dont have any sense of humour. You go @EasyThere
  7. First of all, happy easter y'all So... i am not used make posts here, but there's something i wanted to know for some time if there's any video or what happened at this dinner party And we got another pic with Cade, her best friend.... And what gets me thrilled in this video of mariah Around 11 sec.... She says she doesn't remember because there were cocktails and other stuff... la ra la Really what are your thoughts? are there videos?
  8. i like those and Everyday, love is a state of grace... those aer priceless
  9. Well, i feel you... Some people around this forum are just *********. Sorry, it is true.... Nowadays you can't make something or think something without people judge you. I really liked the all idea and i want you to keep woking on slaying that concept of yours. Keep on rocking! Please!!! <3
  10. we don't know, my Sean do.... and he also wishes he could die!!! LOL Just saying
  11. there's a lot of thing on youtube.... Stay Home, stay clean, stay safe! And get to workout
  12. mannequin, if i'm dancing, and some other tracks of glory
  13. i know it's not lyrics and quotes... but 4 me my fav quote/lyric is "people can take everything away from you, but they can never take away your truth" and...i got it tattoed on my left arm
  14. Timbaland is a great great producer.... I miss the '00s where he played a lot with nelly furtado and JT. Miss those POP DAYS! About this yes they have similiarities
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