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  1. Well that's the exact point of my thread is for people to focus on actual facts pertaining to the case, everyone is so focused on a Instagram post trying to decipher if it was her or not and are completely ignoring the actual FACT that she had to spend 2mil in legal fees and to her father whom she does not want as her conservator in the past 2 years alone (based on factual court docs). Who knows how much more money they sucked her dry of since 2008. Britneys brother said she use to make 60 million alone just releasing an album (I'm sure this was the baby/oops Era), however she's the most successful female recording artist of the 2000s, think about her succeful tours even post consvertorship, think about all her other business ventures like her successful perfume empire and I'm sure there's many other streams of income she collects, yet recent court docs say she's worth something like 54mil???? Something doesn't add up. So call me crazy or a conspiracy theorist but I will voice my opinion on team con all day and will forever give them the side eye until Britney is freed or at least till she's not taken advantage of.
  2. So team con got exactly what they wanted and will probably use the same tactics the next time court docs are released exposing their corruption and greed. The media and fans alike gave way too much attention to the I'm smiling and dancing however my captions don't add up to my video Instagram post. That news has been blasted all over and its still what people are talking about right now instead of their criminal activitys exploiting Britney the way they are. I truly hope people, especially here start to just ignore the post and start fighting back smart by continuing to make more noise about those court docs that were released. It's an absolute shame the majority just fell right into their trap.
  3. This is the real damn story. Forget about the insta post and make some noise about this.
  4. Yeah I totally get you. Just don't ever let them stop you from having a voice. Idk anymore even if Britney herself came out and said something I probably won't believe it till she's a freed woman.
  5. I don't think so. I really wouldn't say or do anything that's going to piss the people who control when I can s#it or how much money I'm allowed to have. Even if she said something it will probably take years before she's out of this, even that's not gaurenteed.
  6. By not having a voice on one of the most important platforms the media and gp look to, to create a narrative about this situation.
  7. Then they have accomplished what they set out to do. Getting rid of people like you who see right through them.
  8. Watch the movie 'I care alot' and you will understand why she is silent. You can't really piss of the people that control your every move and your finances. Shes their actual prisoner. Right now she's not allowed to have a voice of her own.
  9. Omg what the actual if you seek!!!! So the insta post is a huge distraction to fill the media so this is not the buzz story of the week. Guys do whatever you can to ignore that post on insta and share the **** out of these docs. I'm disgusted at how they are abusing her money. It's sick.
  10. Don't do that. It's probably what they want. It will just be so much easier for them to create the narrative that they want out. Don't let that happen.
  11. This is starting to get really scary. I never was concerned with the other posts to decipher if it was her or not. Nothing was really that heavy. However this is really making me start believing it's not her, and if it's not then probably what Jason Alexander said about Sam asghari could be true, that his paid to be around Britney. Because even if Britney doesn't have access to her gram I'm sure he would show and tell her what's posted. Unless she's been threatened to just be quiet. I just don't know anymore, nothing makes sense. From now on if it doesn't come out of her own mouth I don't want to hear about it.
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