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  1. 100 %. I have it on constant repeat, and I seriously do not skip any of the songs. I love them all. It's such a good album. The last album I was into like this was Glory.
  2. I'm done with albums selling 17k and getting the number 1 spot over an album that sold close to 100k. Never the less congrats to the girls they deserve all the success and love they receive. They truly are 1 of the hardest working musical acts around. I recently watched thier Japan Tokyo Dome performances and was shocked that they performed their songs in Japanese and English for those fans. The effort and quality they put into their projects is truly admirable.
  3. Blackpink gives a shout out to Britneys iconic 2002 movie Crossroads in their new music video lovesick girls. In the scene above they dance infront of the title of the movie and top down Cadillac, similar to the one Britney drove in the 2002s blockbuster hit. In the very scene you can see the girls strutting Britneys signature 'now watch me' move from her slave for you video. I Stan some pretty savages honoring the queen Stream lovesick girls for shinier healthier hair
  4. For me this is the best pop album I've heard in a minute. Definitely my favorite this year. I've listened to it a few times now and zero skips. The more I hear some of the tracks the more I love it. I do wish it was longer, but I can respect putting out quality as opposed to quantity. Stand out tracks for me are how you like that, ice cream, pretty savage, bet you wana, lovesick girls, crazy over you, love to hate me and you never know.
  5. Well duh we are living in 2020, so what if I discovered them on the internet the point is that they are a completely different culture and genre to what I am use to and they appeal to me. The only other 2 musical acts that got me this excited watching them were the Spice Girls and Britney. Besides they are gaining alot of traction in my country, their new single is being heavily played on all our radio stations, so if we were in the times of doves I'm sure I would have still somehow discovered them.
  6. And I'm from Africa, so I can further attest to their global appeal.
  7. They may not be the biggest girl group in your world, but trust me they are the biggest girl group in the world everyone else lives in.
  8. Wow they all look so beautiful. But Jisoo is serving up something extra saucy.
  9. I completely agree. I'm absolutely addicted to it. I picked up so many dirty lyrics along every listen thats hidden so well. It's like the Disney version of WAP, but I Stan.
  10. It's not bad. I expected alil more from the song. But the visuals are freaken lit. Blackpink never disappoint with their music videos. It's what I loved about Britney in the early 2000s and it's what I love about them now. They snapped!
  11. Not a reach, I thought the exact same thing when I saw queen Jisso's scene. In the beginning they all concentrate on the perfect image (the pic behind her), but the pink wig indicates that she has another side to her other than the image they see, and when she falls then they start pointing their gun cameras at her (referencing the media's attack on a fallen star). Britneys breakdown / fall from grace is one of the biggest in pop culture history, the fact that she wore a short pink wig makes it clearer to me that it could definitely be referencing Britney.
  12. Chill Chile. It's all in good fun, it's not that serious. It's actually quite funny. Plus I highly doubt Cardi needs Britney to promote her single. Besides Cardi has always said positive things about Britney in the past.
  13. I truly hope this is his last term. You guys deserve so much better. The 'vote or die' slogan couldn't be any truer than it is during this election.
  14. You guys Im not in the know about tik tok, but you should know your president never makes moves that's in the benefit of his people, his banning tik tok because his small d1ck ego syndrome was hurt once again, this time by kpop fans who rallied on tik tok to gain tickets to his presidential campaign rally in Tulsa and didn't attend . Trump boasted that 1 million people had interest in attending his rally in Tulsa before the event, and only 6000 people showed up in the 19000 seater venue Trump was reportedly so pissed at the time now I guess his banning tik tok. We are in the middle of a world pandemic where social distancing is encouraged and your president tries to rally 19000 people under the same building. He doesn't care about the lives he was endangering as long as he had something to gain from it he was pushing through. I was always told that the United States is the land of the free, but seems like you guys are currently living under dictatorship. I don't care how cringe tik tok is, it's not for your government to say you cannot have it, you should be able to decide that for yourself. If claims are that security is an issue then theres stricter security measures the social media platform can undergo to ensure safety to all its users, not a ridiculous demand of 'sell or be prepared for a ban' . Fight me, but your president disgusts me.
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