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  1. I was one of the skeptical ones at the beginning but when there's so much evidence I think is kind of stupid to stay in the same position, obviously something is wrong with Britney.
  2. Do you know what is a color surgery? so you are saying that he is a really good person and is not doing anything wrong and the bad pics of Britney from the other day are like this because she just woke up from a nap. Ok. I think you need a nap cause sis... you are blind.
  3. I think that a colon surgery that almost ended your life is more than "sick" don't you think? He is a f**king liar and I don't know what are you trying to prove here.
  4. Yes I feel really uncomfortable watching anything from 2008 to know... it was clear why she was acting so weird and different than primeney...
  5. I really want the best for Britney but is actually sad if this is gonna be the end of Britney the artist. I remember when I went to the POM Tour last summer I was thinking... maybe this is the last chance you have to watch her perform, but I was like... nah you are so dramatic! but since I went I was kind of feeling that something was not ok with Britney, I've been feeling something weird since then and the videos of Britney crying in Blackpool some weeks after my concert in Germany didn't help me to think the opposite... and here we are.
  6. This **** is turning really crazy... I wonder what is going to happen if all of this is actually true... what is going to happen with Britney? This is not some stupid rumor about a break up... this is f**ked up and I think is gonna change everything.
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