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  1. You’re doing a really great job, I’m not from the states son I can’t attend, but I’ll be sending all my love !
  2. This reading is veeeery interesting, I really don’t know who this girl can be, besides Queen Lexie
  3. It could also be bloating because of medication or liquid retention
  4. Who said she’s not coherent? People is saying she doesn’t have access to internet ... so she can’t be posting. Nobody is saying she’s not coherent
  5. I think Lindsay should speak about the movement, I’m sure she knows a lot of things. I feel she can’t speak for some reason we don’t know, but there was an Italian instagrammer who is very close to her who spoke a little bit about the movement. It wasn’t very relevant because he didn’t say new things, but maybe she encouraged him to speak ... who knows
  6. I did the same, my father actually loves SOMETIMES
  7. First of all hello and welcome!!! And yes ,,. Hello Bryan ... I feel she’s undervalued by her family. I mean, Bryan said she doesn’t know how to book a simple restaurant BUT this Interview demonstrates she did calls and stuff like this during the Britney era, soooo we see another lie from them. cmon she’s not four years old !!!
  8. I honestly think she’s been willing to write a book for a while (it’s mentioned in FTR) and I really believe she’s been secretly keeping notes about everything that’s been happening all these years so she can remember and write a book. HOWEVER, I don’t think it is going to happen any time soon. It could happen once she’s out of the CON.
  9. I love your experiences, I hope I could meet her in the future.
  10. I don’t know if it’s already posted but Rose McGowan thanked him on Instagram
  11. See That pink rose? See how beautiful it is? Watch, and then destroys the rose ... it feels like a threat
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