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  1. I doubt it. Years ago during American Idol she released a bop and was planning another album and then ended up never releasing it. She always seems to do this?
  2. Britney can easily get out of her label contract. They can release another greatest hits album, they already re-released Glory which counts as one on the contract, and they could literally release a rarities album, etc. NSYNC had another album contracted and they literally released TWO greatest hits albums and then were released from the contract.
  3. It's very obvious Britney wants to retire and I hope she does. She deserves her freedom and peace, and I LOVE Britney so much she's my favorite artist/person ever but I want her happy and I want her to do what SHE wants. I believe she will do a interview and a book when this is over, and probably continue to put out perfumes but I think she is done with music for a good few years. She wants to live her life, and maybe she will get her passion to come back eventually on her terms.
  4. He's a user like everyone else currently in her life. He is only in her life because Jamie allows it (or did allow it when he was in charge of things) and it's disgusting. He's literally on the payroll. I think WHEN Britney gets free she will end things with him. Right now though atleast she has someone in her life that I HOPE and better treat her well and someone she can have a good time with. I don't trust him completely, but as long as Britney has some happiness I'm happy for her.
  5. A few reasons I think. - RCA sucks, they are a terrible label and ruin all eras tbh. - The conservatorship/her Dad. She has no freedom as we know, she has to get EVERYTHING approved by her team and father which is ridiculous. I think that alone ruined a lot of it. When Britney did things HER WAY, she is incredible and it's always a success. The c-ship needs to end already and she deserves her life and to run her career how she wants. - Make Me was a terrible lead single. I never liked it, it was boring and slow. Sounded IMO like a filler track. Slumber Party was a better single and should have been lead (without Tinashe) or Liar. Just my opinion.
  6. If this disgusting hag tries to take this any further, we got your back Jordan will do anything we need to to help you out. She will not shut us up. #FreeBritney
  7. Britney is SO strong. I wish Britney and Lynne could do an interview. Britney needs to tell the media what is going on, the abuse that has been happening. Unfortunately the c-ship won't allow it because they KNOW it would be over for them. Britney is SO SO strong. I'm so proud of her for fighting through this, and I will NEVER stop fighting for her. If **** doesn't change and this mess end soon, we will get louder. They will not shut us up. This woman's human rights have been violated for TOO long.
  8. I don't think she's retiring at all she loves all of this way too much. I think she will probably take a break for a bit while COVID is going on, or do other things outside of music and take a break.
  9. Yeah I remember Ricky Martin, Lance Bass and Clay Aiken all said the same thing, but ok Shawn. Whatever you say sis.
  10. This is a great album! I love her first album also. She should have been bigger in music but she cared more about acting it seemed.
  11. She is recording a new album now, and COVID delayed it but she says 2021. She released this promo single:
  12. That one Trump loser having a meltdown in this thread
  13. Nobody even bought her second album, who is even here for a third album.
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