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  1. I so wanted a pop/rock album like this! This is one of my favorite covers she's ever done <3
  2. It's not going to do that great in the US when she doesn't even have physicals on store shelves. I'm not the biggest fan but I liked her songs and was going to get a CD of it, but it's impossible to find in the US.
  3. Yeah you can't even find it on Amazon unless you want to buy it as a import from another seller. I didn't see it in any stores..
  4. I don't think they are working with TriStar Pictures because why would THAT TriStar book these two flops for a movie? No one would see that ****. It has to be Lou's TriStar.
  5. He is such a piece of trash and so is her garbage, user sister. Britney was always there for Jamie Lynn, loved her so much, literally left the Lucky music video shoot early because she had to be at JL's whatever, and this is how that spoiled brat repays her? Jamie Lou is doing everything she can to keep Britney in this c-ship.
  6. Another era, another bashing of the last album from Miley. Younger Now sucked but "Malibu" was a bop.
  7. I can't at this going mostly unknown, they are literally stealing her fortune! Lou Taylor needs to go down and she will.
  8. Judge Penny has to approve these lawyers (which she will most likely, she has no reason not to unless she is corrupt which it doesn't seem like she is) and then Team C-ship has to pay them with Britney's money.
  9. Team CONservatorship is failing and fast. They can try and they will lose, again. Jordan's done nothing wrong.
  10. Congrats Jordan! However, I don't think Jamie has good intentions or ever had good intentions. I think he may have wanted to help his daughter at first MAYBE, but Lou Taylor got in his ear and told him how he could control literally everything.. make millions off of her, control her money, control custody etc. and I think that took over him wanting to help her. It's very clear now that she does not need a conservatorship anymore and hasn't for years (she never needed one, she just needed therapy etc.) but yeah Jamie and his colon can both rot.
  11. Yeah the theme is beautiful! I have no income coming in right now though and I don't want to have to eat ramen noodles
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