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  1. Yeah her eyebrows are not framing her face the same as before. It’s crazy how much eyebrows can change a face.
  2. It’s the fact that this thread is up and OK’d by the same moderators closing other threads for criticism/“negativity” for me. I guess if they are ego strokes it cancels out.
  3. That story is priceless! You are so lucky I love it. 😍
  4. You say I’m not one to follow rules yet I’ve never had warning points that I know of or anything like that. Honestly I don’t even have an issue with all mods but some of you definitely act like you have a chip on your shoulder and have proven my point with your reactions in this thread. and no sorry, I think the whole moderator/non issue is like a big elephant in the room and I don’t like that. I’ll say how I feel where everyone can see because I know I’m not the only one.
  5. @Jordan Miller This is the reaction I get from a MOD on this forum for stating my opinion. Apparently what I say doesn’t matter because I contribute nothing as a normal user and I’m “scorned, bitter”.
  6. I’m glad you mentioned hypocrisy. That’s you right now telling me to privately message @Jordan Miller while your friend @CrazyButItFeelsAllright PUBLICLY states that someone else’s forum ban is being discussed. May I remind you I am just as much a part of this forum as you are.
  7. MY opinion to the person who runs this forum (that YOU don’t have to like) is that it is inappropriate to use your position as a moderator to mention in front of other users having discussed someone being banned during a petty argument about an unrelated topic, but hit dogs will holler. I am a member of many forums both big and small and don’t need to have “experience” as a moderator to know that this is not professional. I don’t really care who did what, that’s not the point here. The point is you shouldn’t use your position during an argument.
  8. @Jordan Miller Comments like these by a moderator come off as inappropriate. This is why people feel like it’s moderators vs. everyone else. While I can’t paint all mods with the same brush, how is it ok/fair for a moderator to publicly state that they have..as a group in private, discussed banning someone and “the only reason they’re still here...” when they’re having a disagreement about something else. Sounds like power tripping to me.
  9. Her bodyy 😍 as usual. I can’t wait till we see more pics of her with her new hair.
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