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  1. I feel very attacked... WHY is He about to lose me on the list and WHY have two people voted for it? It’s one of my faves hahaha😂 also songs that i feel isnt bad at all are, Hard to forget ya, Everybody, why should i be sad, trouble for me and do you wanna come over 😩 **** my music taste, right?
  2. We found love by Rihanna i feel like Britney could do a sick rendition of! Needed me by Rihanna aswell cuz thats a badass song! Aaaalso... work from home with Brits vocals would be fire.. 🤷‍♂️
  3. im totally unaware of the desert thing, was she supposed to perform when announcing POM? My favorite must be DWAD live from LAS vegas whole set, got the dvd as a kid and watched it religiously 😂 also love the Madonna kiss performance cuz she exudes *** and outshines Christina 🙄😂 and the obvious choices with oops back in 2000 and snake 2001
  4. Always wanted more since the ttwe remix with Nicki Minaj, also a new Rihanna collab! Two random pics rn would be Halsey cuz i feel like that collab could be raw and cool and perhaps alittle more meaningful than just sexappeal and maybe like Doja cat cuz her two songs Say so and Boss ***** are 🔥
  5. Right now on repeat are My prerogative, Mannequin, Heaven on earth, Perfect lover and Why should i be sad
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