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  1. Probably because the brand is recognizable and with just Olly Alexander he would have to start almost from scratch. And also he keeps all the previous music on the same accounts/profiles on streaming services
  2. Years & Years (formerly a trio, now Olly Alexander's solo project) has just released a music video to his brand new single "Starstruck". The song is great and Olly is cute as always. I hope he will get another hit like "King". He deserves it; his songs are phenomenal. If you don't know his music you should definitely check it!
  3. now THAT song needs all the appreciation Exhale can give!
  4. Also, Jordan, censoring the word *** is hilarious
  5. I envy Serbian people so much I can't even imagine this happening in Poland with our hopelessly conservative and homophobic government where ministers and the president openly insult LGBT people in national television
  6. It is really sad to read and i feel very sorry for you and millions of other victims of the restrictions
  7. I have always respected doctors, who help people with their illnesses. And it didn't change. Millions of people die because of cancers, flus and various viruses and im glad when people get the chance to be treated when suffering from each and every one of them. There are hundreds of diseases which can kill you, but only one which leads to global economic crisis and mental breakdowns of people stripped of their jobs, alienated and fed with fear propaganda
  8. exactly my point! It is A disease, A virus, and A reason of deaths. Politics and media makes it look like it is the biggest threat and the only threat humanity has to confront right now, qhen it is simply not true, and many people would prefer to get covid than not being able to work, visit a doctor and live freely
  9. because there is a freedom of speech and do you know how many people died or suffer because of losing their job or not getting proper medical treatment when suffering from 272518262 diseases other than corona (yes, it is not the only disease in the world) because of the idiotic restrictions and in case you would like to wish me getting the virus so that it would change my opinion, sorry to dissapoint you - I have already had it and, what a shock, i'm alive!
  10. dont blame people for not living in fear lol if you are afraid then lock yourself in your basememt but dont restrict other people's freedom
  11. both Ultraviolence and NFR did This one did not, but it is still a good Lana album when you are in the mood. The title song is the best in my opinion and I listen to it a lot
  12. No, it will not. But I agree, this is a great song The whole album is amazing
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