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  1. damn yeah, i have to click "sort by date" every time i come to a thread, which reloads the page, just to be able to read posts n chronological order. why the sudden change? NOW? are you ok @breatheheavy?
  2. i find it wild that Lynne was liking comments and posts like these before she/someone deleted her account and then today she's with Jamie for the 4th... i wonder if they're just trying to get along for their children's sake but they're really on opposite sides. idk wtf to think anymore
  3. They're delusional, sis... this pic might break their brains
  4. Actually it is. Glass mirrors don't do that... and why would the island be curved like that along with the drawers??? Makes no sense. She or someone has done it to her waist in IG pictures before. Like the bikini pic in front of the pool where her arm looks huge compared to the other.
  5. why r the comments out of order i'm so confused anyway, Jamie is slowly losing control and he knows it so he's on a big power trip rn
  6. did that twitter account ever reveal anything important? i feel like any of us could make a mysterious twitter and pretend to be an insider and deactivate over and over
  7. Don't get me wrong, it's great that she's speaking up and I hope she can do it more if she wants. I think we're both seeing this video differently though, because this doesn't scream confident to me. It's like she read what people are saying on IG now that she has more access and she's internalizing it and insecure so she needed to tell the world that's not what she really looks like even tho she looks the same and it's fine that she put on some weight. The majority of us don't care. If they were shopped that would be a lot of pictures to alter in such a short amount of time and I don't think that's the case.
  8. Unless her sarcasm has gotten worse over the years, she seemed overly conscious of how she looked to the point of insinuating the pap pics were photoshopped. I do hope she has more freedom now, but hopefully she isn't hanging out on Exhale or the comments section of her posts
  9. Clarifying that the mascara on her cheek is from being in the water so we don't think she was crying... Apologizing for the messy hair and makeup when we literally see her like this all the time... This video was weird... she looked great in those candids. I hope she gets to speak up more often tho
  10. omg....................................................................................... why
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