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  1. True, that would make alot of sense. Thats interesting that they changed the judge to oversee her case
  2. wow well that's stupid! What is with people making fun of Britney?? Like do they think they'll get something out of it? Im just SO sick of everyone bashing her especially about 2007, they need to get over it cause that was 12 YEARS ago SMH!
  3. "I hope she makes more responsible decisions" WOW I never seen this before and man she was SO bitchy and judgemental! No wonder Britney chewed her out, I would to if someone was treating my sister like that! And also I can see why we never heard of her again after Zoey 101, when u have a rude personality like that; NO ONE is gonna wanna work with you!
  4. I totally agree, her vocals would suit Selena's songs, heck I could even imagine her singing "Good For You". I feel like Britney invented the soft and seductive singing style; she's like the OG of that
  5. So you're saying that the other judge was corrupt enough to make the conservatorship permanently? I know that we all do crazy sh!t in our 20s but lucky for us, ours isnt seen and judged by the whole world; poor Britney has had to have the whole world judge her even an actual judge. And obviously the only reason why she did world tours is cause her conservators took advantage of being in charge of her and probably threatened her kids. I wouldnt be suprised if that was true.
  6. That's an art gallery? I thought that was just a graffitied place in a ghetto area cause it looks like it. Anyways what a cute pic! Her bear is adorable!
  7. Cause they'll think she's going batshit crazy again and gonna act like she did in 2007. It'll just be used against her just like all the other mistakes she made back then.
  8. I like the Stronger, Overprotected, DWAD and Criminal ones. I think they are sexy!
  9. Wtf are you serious?? What kind of question is that?! Her head shaving forever RUINED her image and put the "Crazy Britney" label on her permanently! Wtf would she wanna be more of a joke than she sadly already is? And also her head shaving will put her BACK in the conservatorship permanently!
  10. Her face looks SO much better like this, even though its edited; her new nose is WAY too small and narrow for her face. She's always looked better with a little bit more on her face.
  11. Well idk if this is the reason but Nick apparently didnt invite her to his wedding. Im not sure why tbh since they've been friends for years
  12. Uh... im confused, what was the point of him taking this picture? Im also suprised it was him out of 1D that took a nude pic since he seemed the most toned down and bland member of the group; this honestly seems more like what Harry or Louis would do
  13. Wow the fact that people STILL think its funny or ok to joke about Britney's meltdown is just SO annoying! Its honestly redundant at this point, so why do they even mention it? I will never understand how the worst year of a person's life can referred to as a joke, FK THIS WORLD! The media will keep making fun of her until the day she dies and then they'll turn around and act like they gave a sh!t about her all this time! Just like they did with MJ and Whitney, they'll do the same SMH
  14. lol same. I was suprised it wasnt about the cameo
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