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  1. I just feel like her team made her speak out just for the #freebritney movement to stop but obviously she is not well and now we know the truth. I just wish she wasn't in this conservatorship, she doesn't need it! I just feel so bad for her
  2. Well I could see why they medicated her so much in 2011: She looked REALLY off her rocker in those 2010 pics but I hear its cause she was devastated when she found out the conservatorship became permanent, so I could understand why she broke down like she did. I guess THATS what really killed the old Britney we used to love; losing her freedom forever really killed the free spirit in her. Its SO sad
  3. What is your least fave music video? Mine is the released Make Me video: Its just complete trash! Its awkward, cringey and VERY cheesy! It kinda reminded me of a cheesy Disney Channel show except a PG-13 version. Now what about you guys? Which one do you really dislike?
  4. 1. Well I think all of them were great except FTBOMBH; I Will Be There or I'll Never Stop Loving You would've been better. 2. The Beat Goes On 0/5 3. The Sometimes video is my fave cause she looks SO breathtakingly beautiful, its so cute and perfectly embodies the pure schoolgirl image she had back then. 4. Although it has some cheesy/bad fillers, I think the album perfectly embodies what most teens focus on: love, heartbreak, friendship and having fun. It basically represents what its like to be a teen. It was the perfect debut for the perfect teen popstar! <3
  5. Wow idk she was stalking Britney before! That's crazy how a former stalker is now in charge of her conservatorship! It kinda defeats the purpose of it being to protect her
  6. princessmimi

    Is Shadow about JT?

    OMG LMAO 😂 😂😂 😂
  7. princessmimi

    Is Shadow about JT?

    Obviously it's about Justin considering he was the only major breakup she had in her early career. And LMAO at everyone saying it's about Christina hahaha 😂😂😂😂
  8. I don't feel like this post is appropriate right now considering what's happening. Music is the LAST thing we should be worried about!
  9. My God! You would think after 20 years of Britney, that these wax museum people would make an ACCURATE Britney figure SMH! Although I do gotta admit: I like the one in the blue top from the Billboard 2016 awards, that is probably the closest one to looking like her. And LOL at that failure of a look-a-like with that actress! She wasn't even cute or pretty like Britney was back in her early career!
  10. I love her but EWWW she looks bad here especially on the bottom one
  11. princessmimi

    other Britney Pet Peeves

    And also do they realize that there are other great Britney songs besides Toxic, BOMT and Oops?
  12. I picked Ooh la la cause it included her kids and it was cute. And OBVIOUSLY Slumber Party was the best video of the Glory era! Although the original make me would've been a close 2nd
  13. princessmimi

    music Brave New Girl bop or flop?

    lol it DOES sound like a song that could be in the movie