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  1. Let’s ramp up the theories 😇 “Jungley” Danja where you at!?!?!?
  2. I do find the use of Listened very suspect as well... could just be Brit being Brit or she was told by “someone” that fans keep asking these questions in her comments and that she should do a video to make them smile during these difficult times 🧐
  3. Didn’t mean to post twice.. site glitched 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. It’s funny thinking back... and tying in with the yellow shirt thing... Years ago there was a private MySpace floating around with tons of never before seen pictures...Around Halloween, when she kept plastic pumpkins on the dashboard of her white Mercedes, I remember she posted something to the effect of “I’m not posting proof photos bc people will take it to the media and expose my personal life” so the solution was changing the number of pumpkins a couple times so we’d see it in pap photos. Sure as **** they corresponded.. Part of me still believes it was her.. but I’m more inclined to believe we all got cat fished By some old dude living in his mother’s basement. Although like a said there were a lot of times I did truly believe it was her. Mention trips to Vegas, Mexico, then next day the media would report she was there! Also the account was friends with JL, Jr Rotem, and Lufti 😒 like I said probably a scam but thought it would be interesting to share 😊
  5. As far as Amanda goes... she’s has had way more freedom than Brit. her parents hated the fiancé but she was still with him...they clearly didn’t pick him Not trying to go *** for tat bc mental health is mental health... But Bynes lit her damn dog on fire with gasoline... and has still been given more chances to try and sort it out on her own than anyone gave B
  6. Also Barstool has more followers than Tinashe and Missy combined. I do agree the yellow part might be a bit far fetched... but come on...this is huge exposure and it’s positive.. where you at @Roxxy @Jordan Miller
  7. We have been since they committed her.. Sadly by legal standards she’s mentally incapable of making decisions as well as taking care of her self if the cops show up their going to show them documents saying just that and paint her out to be crazy and off her meds. Best case a good cop might go to higher ups and inform the judge. Worst case shes back to the 5150 days
  8. She doesn’t leave her home. If she does it’s with a bodyguard hired by the conservatorship and they don’t let normal people anywhere near her... see Domination announcement... it’s not about being paid off it’s the fear of breaking a $1,000,000+ confidentiality agreement and papa spears coming to collect that keeps them quiet
  9. I would give my left t_______ to see Lou Lou’s face right now! It’s been up 7 hours and the guy that runs it truly gives zero ***** about lawsuits 🤩
  10. They mostly do funny videos and random content... but they also have 8.4 Million followers!!!
  11. Sports & pop culture blog Barstool Sports exposed their 8.4 million followers to the injustices taking place with Britney's conservatorship. It’s going down ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Easy target much... not cool Barstool! Let’s see you put up with Jamie’s **** for 12 years and then we can chat 😒
  13. Wow! That was pretty epic!!! Reminds me of Stronger from the AMA’a but with a off road twist... and I’m here for it!! 👏🏼
  14. Master: A man who has people working for him, especially servants or slaves. That’s ok!?!? It’s 2020 and The Houston Association of realtors firmly disagrees with it #google 😉
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