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  1. Maybe they got together to sign those stuck with you singles their fans bought months ago... just kidding they give ZERO F’s 🥲
  2. Lawyers for Britney on Insta. Under highlights pick trademarks (BOMT pic) Last slide. im not talented enough to post images here so may the odds ever be in your favor 😆
  3. Interesting... new trademark documents state: Registrant (Jamie) has continued to use the mark (Britney Spears) to release new music as recently as May 2020 (mood ring). Are you trying to trick me friend? 😉
  4. But she just posted a STORY of some tiktok looking kids dancing..she’s has access!!!! it must be her..it’s gotta be her. Absolutely not her #theypressed
  5. The poor Justin routine is getting tired but Im kind of feeling the song Will definitely give it some streams but only bc after months of shenanigans I finally got a full refund for his “postponed” tour
  6. The caption. The yellow. The necklace. The return of the white sweatband. 🛸🛸🛸
  7. Then why does she need a business manager if the label is in charge of everything? But let’s side step to the label! So they get a free pass? They are taking advantage of Britney while she’s in an abusive situation... Imagine if they stood up and said “we stand by Britney and when she’s ready... we’re ready” Where is their portion of the outrage??? oh wait there is none because OmG NEW MuZIC 🥴
  8. There is enough political language on the news atm Plain and simple all these lame mental justifications are what kept us in the dark and her locked up for 12 years... Tbh I wouldn’t have sang live for you people either 🙅🏼‍♂️
  9. You think the contract wasn’t signed before last week!?!?!? 😉 Just because she resigned that doesn’t mean she gets automatically cut off from deals she already brokered.
  10. Just for fun let’s say UO payed them a million for rights to the song...That means LouLou just made $50,000. Not a bad chunk of change 😒
  11. If enough fans had the balls to stand their ground maybe Urban Outfitters would stop being complicit in circumventing Britney’s wishes for their own profit...
  12. “They fell for Mood Ring... Let’s do it again!” I wish the majority of this fan base weren’t so damn desperate all the time... like it or not the people that keep supporting these cash grabs are the fans the “team” loooooooooves and Britney probably wishes would take a step back and wake tf up before we end up with another album curated by Jamie’s song choices and Myahs vocals...
  13. I’m playing LouLou the worlds tiniest violin Que the victim card and all that comes with it 🤢🤢🤢
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