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  1. one of the only forms of control she has is to speak on her own behalf in instances like these. Everything else is silenced
  2. Better question is will Beyoncé ever be held accountable for anything she does?
  3. I will never understand the need to tear her down when she’s trying to have fun and feel herself. Find yourselves a therapist. Keep doing you, B
  4. Omg I can’t wait for beehive to lose their ****. the best part is Britney is so unbothered and oblivious that this will stay up unlike others who would take it down due to flack. she was queen B before Beyoncé even went Solo. Y’all will deal.
  5. I’m talking about his ripped tan body and Undoubtedly donkey ****... who cares about his personality.
  6. Everyone that’s concerned for her please take a moment and remind yourself that she gets to ride that whenever she wants. Home girl is doing A OK..
  7. Apple exclusive Apple Pie finally confirmed.
  8. Girllll that song choice is ev.er.y thing. britney is the queen of Easter eggs and subtle ways of making her voice heard without saying a word. Taylor could never.
  9. This! You’re the only person who knows how to read on here
  10. The least charismatic person in film playing one of the most charismatic in history. I smell an Oscar... Lindsay Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor is shaking.
  11. I really cherish this turning into a thread about Beyoncé being illiterate ❤️
  12. I’m more concerned for those who expect 69 and Nicki Minaj to exhibit basic decency let alone model behavior and language.. Who cares about these two trash bags??
  13. I’d rather her not learn from someone who had to lie and fake her way to the top. Britney always overshadowed Beyoncé up until she got new management and started paying media outlets (and apparently her and her husbands streaming platform) to make her seem more popular than she actually is. britney walks around stage blatantly lip syncing and people still lose their minds and kick started a whole new era of Vegas entertainment. THAT is star power. THAT is being an Icon. Nala can learn a lot from Brit.
  14. Telling a trans woman how she should feel on trans issues is peak “woke” bull****. this is the real problem with society today where people think that they have to shun, silence or intimidate those who have an opinion they don’t agree with into submission. Are you that fragile? It’s pathetic really.
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