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  1. I always kinda wished Britney had Before The Goodbye, I Run Away, and Intimidated though.
  2. Idk she was kinda screaming on the video when she was in that tractor or whatever. lol
  3. Yeah, I agree. I was shocked. I went to Vegas in 2016 and saw her twice so my initial reaction was ....well, I’m gonna just wait and see how this turns out first because of like you said, her getting a little tough towards the end of the tour. There was only what 4 months in between her last POM tour date & her starting Domination? I woulda wanted a break myself tbh lol
  4. Regardless of why, it’s still so sad that shortly afterward she was in a “mental wellness facility” because of it. And allegedly because she went and got In & Out Burger. I still wish (selfishly) she woulda just done like one week of Domination shows.
  5. I was always shocked that TOMH has been performed since it came out.. I thought it was even weird that she did it on the BBMA. I was considering adding Brave New Girl on my list but idk.. When she first previewed it on MTV I was like oh this is cool.. then all the auto tune in the verses made me eh about it.
  6. It’s so tough to analyze. The voicemail stated that Jamie pulled his support because of her not taking medicine as they wanted. Then the rehearsal videos; her teaching dance moves. Being involved. I think she was actually having fun. But, Britney could’ve rebelled and been like Nah.. I’m not doing it under your restrictions and then they blamed it on his colon.. so maybe a mix?
  7. With everything going on with Brit; it got me thinking about some of her more empowering songs and the ones that fit her situation. Here’s mine: MY PREROGATIVE [Welcome] OVERPROTECTED WHAT ITS LIKE TO BE ME SHATTERED GLASS/WOMANIZER LIAR TOXIC SHOWDOWN [SEGUE] ALIEN LUCKY (Ballad Version) [VIDEO - Interlude] KILL THE LIGHTS CRAZY CIRCUS PIECE OF ME [INTERLUDE] IM A SLAVE 4 U GIMME MORE SELFISH IF IM DANCING/TILL THE WORLD ENDS ...BABY ONE MORE TIME [ENCORE] STRONGER
  8. I think these are necessary steps she may have to take. They used the term “voluntary conservatorship” and referenced the laws within probate that allow Britney to have rights within her conservatorship. I think her long term goal is to get her dad out and not waive her right to termination in the future. This is very entangled. I also do not believe her trust nor Jodi would force her to work.
  9. This is good. Sam Ingham probably has to file to petition the court officially as he stated in his document earlier. Jodi is temporary and Sam Ingham is working for his client.
  10. I think for at least 5 years you won’t hear about anything related to Britney’s career. I do think she loves her fans and is probably grateful for the attention that Free Britney has garnered. So eventually, I think she will do something. I at least hope a documentary or something. If she doesn’t, I would be really upset but would be ok with it as long as it what made her happy.
  11. The legal system is ridiculous in itself. But for those who are upset, have hope. This stuff takes time. Im very realistic and sometimes almost feel hopeless towards Britney regaining her freedom. However, I think this is the first time since 2008 that shows some hope for change.
  12. I believe that the captions are written by Britney. I’m sure there is a vetting process to how or what gets posted. I say this with no offense, Britney is simple. And always wanted to connect with normal things of life. So I can totally see her saying what she’s writing.
  13. I think the lawyer fees are a little more gross. I think Britney always paid for Serenity. (It probably ended when Britney drove that letter that alleged Lynne abused prescription pills) However I think it’s also scary how many companies Lou Taylor is involved with. I’m sure that it would be easy to easily utilize those intermixed business to heavily abuse Britney’s money without raising much suspicion. Hopefully Britney gets whatever change that makes sense for her. Not sure what it is.
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