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  1. He’s still pressed that Britney was never that into him. He designed a guest room in his house for her ffs. Then all those years later he went to POM and she didn’t give a crap that he was there.
  2. Don’t let me be the last to know was performed right after this performance. She sang the whole show live.
  3. This was 100% live. Most of the early oops promo performances were live
  4. Or maybe it’s because it’s not allowed on YouTube? I remember watching this live and rewinding my vhs to watch the dance break over and over. She sang live, looked hot af, and danced flawlessly. i still Stan this flawless performance. https://m.bilibili.com/video/av32333611
  5. I really wish she would’ve left face alone. I feel like I don’t know this Britney.
  6. The repairs and expenses is ridiculous. She should not be paying to have her moms lawn cut and pool cleaned. Kentwood is one of the poorest towns in Louisiana Lynne can find herself a high school kid to scoop out the leaves.
  7. She is paying $4,000+ a month for the people controlling her life to rent an office in Los Angeles. Unreal.
  8. ALSO THE HUSBAND WOULD HIDE/LOCK HER AWAY IN HER HOME STUDIO UNTIL SHE PRODUCED MORE PAINTINGS. yall better be reading my posts i legit just watched the movie last week. I’m shook
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