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  1. Yes! Not me, but i remember this so well. She was a lot of fun.
  2. I always got creep vibes off of him tbh. He was one of those that had to always bring up her clothing choices and it was always so off. I was a little annoyed to see he was interviewed for the documentary.
  3. Yes. I was at the first listen of the oops album. She sang live and i nearly died of a stroke. They recorded each song 2x and it was unreal to actually hear her sing in such a small space. I think she did Oops and Don’t Let Me
  4. https://www.wmagazine.com/story/dave-holmes-mtv-party-of-one-book-vmas/ this guy. I was at this taping. Sad i remember the outfit so well.
  5. Omg and when she had pizza sent up it came with coke and they wouldn’t give it to us bc they were filming some of it and Britney had just signed with Pepsi 😂 Britney said that there was a water fountain in the hall for us.
  6. Growing up close to NYC and being a Britney Stan, my little gay self would always find myself outside of the TRL studio every time Britney had an appearance. Back in the day she was the IT girl of MTV/TRL and was on TRL often. I finally made my way up to the studio the week of the Oops! Video release. The coordinator had recognized me from always being out there and sent me upstairs. It was all such a blur and the energy from just knowing Britney was in the building was insane. Long story short, but, i ended up at a few of Britney’s tapings after that. The reason I’m still a Stan, at 33, is because i was able to first hand witness Britney’s complete kindness and love for humans. She was so painfully shy, but, Carson Daly always managed to make her comfortable(i lowkey still think they would’ve been a good couple). There was another VJ, whom is in the upcoming Times documentary(Dave i think is his name) that you could tell she just didn’t care for. Those were the best tapings bc she would only interact with the audience at commercial breaks. Britney was funny, chill and just a nice person. She would joke around with us, sign autographs(which was a huge nono for mtv) and once even had pizza sent up for everyone. not sure why I’m posting this, but, I just like the remind everyone that Britney is just a good southern girl at heart. I’m super lucky to have these memories because i don’t think we will ever see that Britney again.
  7. No she’s just on a horrible label. The fact that it did as well as it did is a miracle in itself.
  8. @Jordan Miller I know you dislike me and think I’m a troll, but this is honest feedback: the videos are getting much better. My advise is try and show a little more of your personality rather than the monotone story telling kinda thing. I myself am too shy to ever put myself out there like that, but, those are the kind of videos i like to watch. Have a little fun with it.
  9. She was Lynnes friend for decades prior to her working with Britney. It doesn’t appear that Fe and Britney have been close in a very long time. Fe was kept on the team bc of her relationship with Lynne. It says a lot that she never worked closely with Britney after her comeback. I cannot see Fe, who most likely has an iron clad non disclosure agreement, go on record against Jamie Spears or the con. I would assume Fe would’ve had to get some kind of OK from Britney’s team to participate in this to avoid any legal issues. I’m hoping she is on to help build the story of how hard Britney worked and not feed into the pro con narrative. I have a feeling she will stay neural to her opinion and just talk about the past. IMO the most important factor in this doc is whomever is creatively in charge of it. If said person is pro con, it’s very easy to edit a documentary in that favor. God help us all. buckle up my friends. It’s about to get wild.
  10. I really really want to know why team con hasn’t come for him yet. He’s spreading a lot of his opinions as fact. It’s also concerning that he does nothing but post on Twitter about her all day.
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