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  1. So it’s taken me a couple of hours to gather my thoughts about what happened. I know that some exhalers think that the IP address thing isn’t a big deal. I agree, but to an extent. When I signed up for this forum, I gave up my privacy only to the moderators. I did not give permission for my information, small or big, to be shared with other members. @deadcrocodiletears or rik, I know your intentions are not malicious and I also know that you’re probably going through some things. I hope that you can however, respect my privacy, as you know I would do for you. I use this forum like many to escape reality, not confront it. So, I ask that you please respect my decision. To @JordanMiller, I hope this is a learning opportunity for you to understand the severity of this privacy breach. Whether @Roxxy meant it or not, I have rights, as does every other user. I encourage you to make stricter rules and provide better training for moderators so something similar like this does not happen again. For now, I have made a personal decision to leave this forum for a short while starting tomorrow. I hope everyone can move past this, including myself.
  2. @JordanMiller this is completely inappropriate. That literally is a violation of my privacy rights.
  3. . I have a love-hate relationship with this one
  4. My real name is not even Ryan. But we’ll keep that a mystery for now. Love you still
  5. I made that ***** famous. Sit your pancake *** down, hunty
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