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  1. Just chiming in to say this is really cute, and I am a Ravenclaw all the way.
  2. I loved eveytime back in the day, still think it’s a beautiful song, but it’s codependent af. I used to codependent in relationships until I started the healing journey of my childhood trauma.
  3. Well it’s not like Britney can dance well anymore so it be a more even playing field...
  4. I mean Radar had the potential to be a hit on every album why stop at two?
  5. My guess is it has something to do with the radar horse?
  6. Yes I was wondering about the name...where did it come from...what’s the story behind the name?
  7. I agree about the mouth surgery, that was the worst and obviously a very permanent decision.
  8. Here’s my real opinion, yes I think she’s over and I think she wants to be. She is not Madonna, very few if any are. She doesn’t reinvent her style that much, she sticks to the formula and depends on her *** appeal. She will be 40 soon and she really didn’t take care of her looks (let’s face it like it or not that’s how she got this gig in the first place) years of chain smoking and tanning beds and botched surgery has made her look old. Her public image is ruined, no one takes her seriously anymore. Her fans feel sorry for her. I think she is done. The only way she could really come back from this is if she totally reinvented her style, stoped relying on *** appeal and started writing and performing songs other than songs about about hookups and really looked within her soul and delivered something totally different.
  9. I'm very sorry you went through that. I'm curious about the name of the school but you don't have to answer.
  10. Don’t butterflies belong to the 90s I mean they were a 90s symbol, butterfly tattoos and merch everywhere...I get Mariah has a thing for them but when I think the butterfly as a symbol I think of the 90s decade as a whole.
  11. Also I have no idea who this docat person even is but she’s a horrible person, and y’all should cancel anyone like that.
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