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  1. That picture is edited. I’ve seen the original picture and she was a brunette. It’s from 2006 btw
  2. He commented in the comments of a fan account: tbh its kinda weird i mean maybe they had a feud on the set and he’s still mad about it? There’s a video on youtube somewhere at the set of the make me music video where Britney is possibly shouting at someone
  3. I AM happy that she’s getting help. Don’t act like theres nothing wrong with her. Her team has been doing us dirty ever since circus era
  4. I honestly am so heartbroken for Britney. Her team is disgusting. Okay listen. I am obviously not one to follow fake conspiracy theories. I didn’t blink twice when they cancelled Domination due to her dad (which i still believe) but... weren’t they JUST saying that she’s doing GREAT? And now she’s apparently so distraught that she checked HERSELF in? While under conservatorship? And everyone around her acts as if everything is normal? Sam? Jamie Lynn? Kfed was seen with her kids in LA! They have joint custody but the timing??? And Jamie Lynn’s randomly stanning of piece of me about a week ago just seemed so strange to me. And the fact that the instagram post came LITERALLY an hour before the news broke out. I’m so sorry B Army but i don’t believe that she’s in the hospital because of her dad. It’s just so strange that they’re continuing to use the whole Jamie thing for it. And post a picture on her instagram account pretending to be her... It’s actually just very disturbing to me. I just love Britney so much and i wish nothing but the best for her. If it’s actually true, I apologize in advance but her team is just crazy. They literally got someone else to sing Britney Jean Like...??? Did Britney even knew about that? They are in it only for the money and are literally using Britney as a cash cow it’s sickening!
  5. I just dont understand why they didnt want to say that Britney has mental health problems why did they need to lie? If they told the truth people would’ve eben much more supportive and exhale wouldnt be as crazy as it is now
  6. Why does that impersonator look more like Britney than Britney looks like Britney?
  7. She just doesnt care about her fans anymore and i’m honestly sick of it she can at least post a shitty quote or something but no she doesnt care so ill stop caring about her for now
  8. I still listen to her music everyday, i post pictures on my instagram page, i watch her old interviews & performances and i keep on looking on her ig to see if she posted smt im also kinda into Xtina now :s ive always liked her and now im just kinda stalking her cuz i have nothing else to do lol.... But oof i miss Britney so bad why cant she just post a catwalk video, a simple quote about unicorns or a video of her singing with a snapchat filter or something
  9. GURL NOOO that would never happen slsksksksk her career would literally die i wont be a ble to make It halfway i already miss her like crazy
  10. I just found this on youtube and idk i decided to share it on here but i honestly think this is disturbing... i didnt know about this im glad they executed him before it was too late https://youtu.be/xUU-eQKXhHw
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