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  1. Happy Birthday to the unproblematic perfect Hilary Duff. I’m still such a huge fan. She was my first concert. I played Dignity so many times the disc stopped working. It’s so refreshing to see someone so positive and kin ld mature into someone I STILL want to be as I enter my 30s Justice for BIBO
  2. I am still listening to folklore on repeat and get more out of it every listen. The album of the year for me. A well deserved #1 again. She should do more promo..it’s sells records girl 😂
  3. It’s back at #1 tomorrow apparently. The longevity. Plus the country music performance. She should promote her album more often lmao
  4. She’s always talked well of Britney her entire career. Queen things. Love the love. maybe she’ll give us new music when Lizzie comes out. If ever 😂
  5. Garth Brooks is not gonna get the ratings 😂 here’s hoping we get a 911 performance and something from folklore
  6. I actually think his *** is kinda cute sue me. People have tattooed way worse on themselves. Love Hilary so gotta love this ***.
  7. I look at her, and this monologue, completely different now. But actions speak louder than words. Let’s see what changes she makes and if she’s less rude to her guests for one. I’ll give her a shot
  8. The video was not what I expected at all. But I’m glad. She looked beautiful. I think it’s about internalizing pain and trauma. I like the thought that went into it.
  9. I hated 911 at first listen. It gave me a head ache. But after time, it became a banger. So exited for this. Alice better be next girl
  10. It’s on her YouTube now. It was even better than the album version. Except she didn’t swear of course. Betty isn’t my favorite song on folklore but it’s still beautiful story telling. Loved this performance. Her vocals were flawless.
  11. Well he’s not wrong...but stay away from her already 😭
  12. Here for the comments. You people make my day 😂
  13. I watched it. I didn’t hate it but I expected more. I like that she was honest: she likes the cameras, she likes money. I thought her relationship was interesting with her setting up cameras LOL and the fight with her bf at the music festival. the provo school stuff was interesting but it seemed like they were forcing it or something. Hated the animations. Also where is the campaign now? She could have posted the photo she took at the end of the film...
  14. If I didn’t know better they look like a gay power couple 😂 but God I hope it’s not a collaboration. No one asked for that this decade.
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