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  1. I can’t relate. I have never been personally attacked or ridiculed by anyone here but in general people’s comments on this site toward Britney can be disrespectful. I remember when people were upset with her dance moves, hairstyle, make up, outfit choice, tendency to touch her own hair during POM, etc. Then the same people want to pretend they have her best interest at heart when they tear her apart about her own IG posts. I am a huge fan of hers but that’s just it, I am a fan. I don’t have any insider knowledge, I don’t personally know her, I just admire her. People need a reality check and need to learn to respect Britney and her boundaries. Remember when Britney said she reads the comments section of her posts sometimes and it makes her sad?? She’s talking about us, the people who claim to be her fans.
  2. Fans don’t trash Britney. Go through all the posts I’ve ever made on here. I have never once criticized her- I just don’t feel the need to.
  3. This place used to be a fan site. Now I don’t know what it is. And this place is toxic. You must be feeling personally attacked by what I said... If the shoe fits.
  4. Everybody on this site suffers from the delusion that they know (or more precisely, they think they own her) Britney when literally nobody here knows her. This toxic *** forum will never be satisfied because Britney will NEVER be what this forum wants. What is that exactly? My guess is they want the version of Britney that never experienced 2007- and that just isn’t going to happen. People need to accept this woman for who she is, before this toxic *** forum and society at large finally drives her away for good.
  5. Okay, when she finally speaks out I can’t wait to hear what she says and how ridiculous you will all look. Try using logic. That doc did not show her in the best light. Especially considering she had teenage sons who may have watched that or know people who watched it and it could easily affect them. I hope one day Britney can free herself from Jamie, the media, and the alleged ‘fans’ on this forum that habitually trashed Britney during the POM years. The fact is y’all don’t know anything. Everything is speculation and conspiracy, it’s like Q anon around here.
  6. Everybody on this forum is delusional. Once Britney finally posts a video to address this, yall will call it a deep fake.
  7. I’m not trying to suggest anything but maybe she only being taxed on 59 million since everything is public record due to the conservatorship. The rest of her moolah is hiding in a Swiss bank account or something. It really doesn’t make much sense since she doesn’t really spend a lot of her money on high price items other than the occasional vacation. I also think that a lot of celebrities with huge net worths aren’t being entirely honest. The net worth reported in the media of Beyoncé- the-business might be a lot different than the net worth of Beyoncé the person.
  8. I guess you’d have to be black to understand. This conversation always comes up when a white person faces the consequences of their actions. Try harder.
  9. Omg she’s playing with kinetic sand.. call an ambulance.... she is living her life trying to pass the time. It’s not like she can spend massive amounts on vacations while she’s paying all these legal fees. She’s probably more normal than you.
  10. Yeah I watched the movie and I didn’t see Britney but did see a scene where two characters lip synced to a Paris Hilton song. Britney was nowhere to be seen. I paid $20 for nothing (tho the movie looks promising)!
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9175571/Carey-Mulligan-reveals-lip-synced-Britney-Spears-scene.html I know nothing. Discuss.
  12. This one is full of ‘cracks’ then. The only reason I still visit this site is because y’all find the britney tea before anybody else. But damn....
  13. What would Primeney say to Presentney??? This is so ridiculous. PRESENTNEY would tell primeney to get out of the business. Because the media, including sites like Perez Hilton and breathe heavy is full of toxic people who would reduce Britney to something as idiotic as “Primeney.” Furthermore, Presentney would tell Primeney that the masses won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed her like an episode of South Park. Britney Spears is not some helpless, infantile, little girl. And she has only gotten better with age. Anyone who says otherwise simply. Is. Not. A. Fan. This site is full of people who claim to be Britney stans, but all I ever see is people bashing her on this site. This is not my idea of a fan site. This site caters to some really mean spirited people who think they know what’s best for her when they really have no idea. Do you have moderators @Jordan Miller?
  14. Unsurprisingly this entire thread is toxic. What’s unhealthy is the numerous amount of people addicted to coke or ****** (or whatever else is in Southern California) who end up on the cover of a health magazine. We all know the industry is full of drugs, yet I don’t hear a single thing about those celebrities who opening or privately struggle with drug abuse ending up on the cover of a magazine. What is the point of telling an obese person that they can’t be healthy because of being obese? There are people who spend their lives trying to live up to whatever BS standard exists regarding ‘health.’ Try kindness.
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