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  1. Yeah I watched the movie and I didn’t see Britney but did see a scene where two characters lip synced to a Paris Hilton song. Britney was nowhere to be seen. I paid $20 for nothing (tho the movie looks promising)!
  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9175571/Carey-Mulligan-reveals-lip-synced-Britney-Spears-scene.html I know nothing. Discuss.
  3. This one is full of ‘cracks’ then. The only reason I still visit this site is because y’all find the britney tea before anybody else. But damn....
  4. What would Primeney say to Presentney??? This is so ridiculous. PRESENTNEY would tell primeney to get out of the business. Because the media, including sites like Perez Hilton and breathe heavy is full of toxic people who would reduce Britney to something as idiotic as “Primeney.” Furthermore, Presentney would tell Primeney that the masses won’t be happy until they’ve destroyed her like an episode of South Park. Britney Spears is not some helpless, infantile, little girl. And she has only gotten better with age. Anyone who says otherwise simply. Is. Not. A. Fan. This site is full of people who claim to be Britney stans, but all I ever see is people bashing her on this site. This is not my idea of a fan site. This site caters to some really mean spirited people who think they know what’s best for her when they really have no idea. Do you have moderators @Jordan Miller?
  5. Unsurprisingly this entire thread is toxic. What’s unhealthy is the numerous amount of people addicted to coke or ****** (or whatever else is in Southern California) who end up on the cover of a health magazine. We all know the industry is full of drugs, yet I don’t hear a single thing about those celebrities who opening or privately struggle with drug abuse ending up on the cover of a magazine. What is the point of telling an obese person that they can’t be healthy because of being obese? There are people who spend their lives trying to live up to whatever BS standard exists regarding ‘health.’ Try kindness.
  6. Probably wasn’t up to her. She acts like she isn’t her label’s top priority. Plus she’s probably over the grind considering the business ain’t what it used to be.
  7. The fact is none of us know and there is way more information pointing toward her being kind and down to earth than anything else. I don’t get what the point of this thread is other than to dig up negative things she’s said or done to prove that she isn’t a kind person. Like what’s the point of that??? We’re not talking about Madonna, Mariah, or Beyoncé (all divas with every right to be) we’re talking about Britney.
  8. I don’t think she is lip syncing. She is adding ad libs. And live her voice usually does sound just like the recording. I personally love this song and the meaning behind it.
  9. Just a thought: what if this whole time Britney has been making odd Instagram posts solely to attract our attention and put her name in the headlines because she’s been planning to make her break for it since she cancelled Domination. She’s leveraging the public scrutiny of her conservatorship against her father as we speak. Her posts have been nothing more than ‘odd’ at times and I’m really starting to think she’s been posting them as a lure. The odd posts always seem to come when there is also breaking news about the conservatorship. Sis has been plotting her grand escape for years. She may just be a genius.
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