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  1. the show should have ended in 2016. try to change my mind, you can’t
  2. this boy is delusional. i regret that the gp knows about #freebritney now cuz they make the movement sound like a joke
  3. yeah but since myah did the lead in many songs she probably gets a lot of money from the album especially from wb where she sings the whole song (lead bgv adlibs)
  4. she gets payed from the whole album’s streams/downloads since it’s her voice
  5. since we’re talking about ages i have to say that 16 is probably the best age ever
  6. lmao i can’t with some of yall talking **** on sam becuz he is trying to build a career unlike some of her other boyfriends which didn’t do anything
  7. tired of it at this point. she and her team keep ruining her legacy
  8. i feel like she is having a mid-life crisis cuz she has been acting more childish in 2017-2020 than 2016. in 2016 she looked so mature and gorgeous and her voice wasn’t that for ed baby voice she uses now while these days she is acting like a toddler
  9. will we ever hear TEA from ARTPOP ACT II? when u played a snippet of the song u said “that’s all u get for now”
  10. the colors and aesthetic of Glory is simply beautiful, had the cover been better then it would have been my fave album look-wise
  11. we also have a pic of britney beat up with bruises on her face crying edit: nvm they were fake
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