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  1. Thats like a groundhog day, a groundhog year lets say. Every year this **** gets extended and extended.. Godney will end up broke and all these legal worms involved richer. So tragic
  2. I think its ridiculous that they even tried to seem its her writing the post on both insta and Facebook with the emojis etc. T R A G IC. Also it is a bit alarming..ignites all the speculations that she never posts on social media.
  3. 2 Things. Either that judge is dumber than f!uck or corrupted ( which i doubt it) or Ingham is useless as **** and cannot do his job properly. Its sad that this will probably keep going on forever until her father, u know. Goes the F uck away. And we are talking about her estate handling. What about her personal life? I know its interrelated. But how the **** about giving that 38old woman her complete freedom? Give her the right and the ability to hire a life coach and maybe a couple Of assistans as the majority of Celebs are privileged to have?Its so furstrating. However, You know another case scenario is that Britney becomes broke ( not really broke, u know now and ofc im not wishing it) and they have literally nothing to “steal” and milk off of her. Its so sad, such a sad story. Hope she really is ok.
  4. I always support and root for our Legend but i really believe those instagram posts “hurt” her case associated with her freedom.Its Like her evil team is doing it on purpose to portray her as unstable. I mean who the hell other Celeb would post such content? Its like they dont care.Especially the post shes talking like a toddler about the beach stuff. The majority of the people commenting under her posts ( Who are definitely not die hard/exhalers fans ) cannot be that delusional. I think they can have a more clear picture of her. I know what im saying is not supportive but i think its as objective as possible and based on a reality. Anyhow...
  5. Its not a good move shes not willing to attend. I always thought about it and now it is confirmed. She rarely attends those hearings. I know Its stressful AF but there is no a better way of telling her own truth and side of the tragic story. Maybe after all she doesnt give a damn of being 100% free? Tired Of hoping and sadly Compromised on that ****? Hope not
  6. The laugh is IDENTICAL. I mean wow. If its an impersonator, she is the best of all , hands down. I remember myself taking part in a convo/session on Skype( i think). So if it was really brit, were i that lucky? holy ****. However her voice was very primeney during these sessions. And we all know her voice would constantly be (almost) deeper during that time. 2010 and after)
  7. I feel like this is definitely not new. Idk why. Maybe something 2017,18ish
  8. That ******* useless piece of **** judge has to be disbarred and get immediately the **** out of Britneys case. Its so sad that even such a person of authority is probably not doing her job right. Shes definitely corrupted #cancelthat*****
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