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  1. I feel like this is definitely not new. Idk why. Maybe something 2017,18ish
  2. That ******* useless piece of **** judge has to be disbarred and get immediately the **** out of Britneys case. Its so sad that even such a person of authority is probably not doing her job right. Shes definitely corrupted #cancelthat*****
  3. Iv never wished this for anyone in my life but who cares. Cant this oppressive ****head father just die and leave his slave daughter ALONE? GURL GO, she about to end up being without a freaking dime with the C-ship joke. This is so sad
  4. Hes a terrorist. He has to be taken down. So sorry for britney to have that **** of a father. She is so unlucky to have that kind of family. **** YOU JAMIE
  5. Its odd and kinda ironic since she didnt dance much but i feel more “jealous” of people who had the chance to attend the circus tour than those who went to onyx hotel. It was such an epic tour. I saw her with FF in Paris, she looked radiant and gorgeous but i wish i had attended the csb tour🙏🏻
  6. Gurl Lou... Orange is the new black sistah. Embrace it ! We are rooting for you #lockherup
  7. We ALL know that literally no one asks those questions. LOL. How manipulating her people can be?! Its disgusting. Cant she wake up?
  8. After all the meds and the drama which affected her appearance after 2009, you would still have glimpse of the old Britney, even in 2011. I saw her in Paris with the FF tour and she looked gorgeous. That smile we all knew. This is 100000x times being said over here but i miss her original face
  9. To me, metaphorically we can say she is cloned since she is soooo different from the pre-breakdown britney and the britney the world got to know.But seriously, who can believe she is actually cloned? That has not ever been executed. LoL. And if she was cloned, why not to clone the best possible version of Britney, aka an 2nd primeney so they can have a better cash cow? Anyway. This is so stupid :P
  10. The whole vid is So F creepy. What the hell has been done to her? #FREEBRITNEY
  11. Does she have amnesia because she could not remember a moment with an irrelevant ex pop star? Gurl are u dumb or dumb
  12. 3 things i got from this waste of time interview : 1. that **** redneck moron is misogynist/sexist 2. HES LYING pretending he doesnt know much of the con-ship 3. Many of u havent pointed yet, but im quite sure he hinted britney is his least favorite sister.(in the end of the interview, maybe im wrong) It breaks a heart how her family sucks.
  13. How the hell did she obtain that tooth gap? Her teeth was always straight. We all know that she chipped her front tooth around 2008 but that gap? Such a surprise. Hope she fix them because it just aint her with that
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