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  1. What’s the anthony/absolute britney tea? i’ve seen a lot of stuff floating around but i need a full story lmao
  2. There was a hearing yesterday and another hearing scheduled for the 10th May. As well as the one in August.. The hearing for both yesterday and 10th May weren’t there previously and hadn’t been scheduled until yesterday.
  3. No, I was talking to this .. Well.. Bitch on twitter who was just talking utter crap. She said by supporting #SaveBritney we are essentially supporting the action of sam lufti.. and tagged him. That’s how he saw the tweets i guess.
  4. I don’t know why everyone is telling me to stay away. I didn’t invite him out for dinner, I asked him some questions which he answered stuff we all already know..
  5. Listen, I didn’t make this thread to “involve” sam back into britneys life?! How is him dming me going to effect britney. He was mentioned by another twitter user and then dmed me.. simple as that. Do you really think any of us are going to now believe what he has to say about how we was trying to help britney.. or course not. This isn’t bringing him back into anything, i haven’t brought britney to him/him to britney. Seriously, get over it. He addressed stuff we already know, basically denied the accusations which.. he’s always done so.
  6. Sam didn’t say anything to leak though, it’s just all common knowledge
  7. Trust me, I wanted to go off at him for everything he has done, but I also thought he might have been able to provide some answers.
  8. I don’t buy everything, especially because of his past with britney. However, if he does know something and can speak up, it’ll cause no harm to britney in him doing so.
  9. No reply as of yet, I doubt he will either. If anyone raises any questions though I could probably dm him and ask, even if he does ignore me.
  10. Do y’all know if he’s even allowed to talk about Britney like this? Especially since the 2016 hearing they had
  11. He hasn’t responded, and it’s likely he’s not allowed to speak out publicly about britney anyway.
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