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  1. I did see her on the Circus tour. It’s the only time I have seen her live It was amazing, she was so beautiful. But once is never enough
  2. Had she come here, I wouldn’t have been able to help myself. If the reviews on here were anything to go by though...
  3. How has it already been two years? Her hiatus has felt longer than POM ever did tbh
  4. It needed a reloaded edition to make it good though Riri should release her singles collection so she can miss us with that filler
  5. Riri only has one decent album, I thought she could use the win
  6. Obvs I love Blackout but Rated R is my fav Riri album. Also lived for Rihanna’s looks during this era
  7. Ya hear that pop girls? If you haven’t got a marketing team made up solely of the gays, you’re not doing it right
  8. That album cover is soo goood! Why are fans better at marketing than any of the pop girls actual teams?
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