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    I love artists such as Britney Spears (duh), Selena Quintanilla (also duh), and The Birthday Massacre. I also love anime, especially Sailor Moon and Initial D.
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  1. Am I the only one that doesn't find him attractive? He has that permanent middle schooler baby face and that beard just makes him look creepy.
  2. Look I just want my Anticipating emote back. I don't care what happens to the others. Just give me Anticipating.
  3. Literally just a few months ago before the Miss Rona World Tour, me and my best friend used to whisper the Backyardigans theme song to each other in the middle of class and laugh hysterically. It was like the 25 scene in Spongebob.
  4. Yes I love Neopets! My mom has been playing for 20 years. I think she loves her pets more than me and my sister. Omg I forgot my sister has an Exhale account. Should I tag her to confirm our mom loves her pets more?
  5. I'm telling you, I was loyal to one website and one website only. My dad didn't want to pay for multiple memberships because as he reminded me any time I asked for something, I had a "one parent income" so I had to choose.
  6. We didn't have that. All we had was Success Maker. And no, I didn't play Poptropica. I mostly played Webkinz because I had like 20 pets and I managed to convince my dad to buy me deluxe for a good 6 years in a row. So I was dedicated to earning Kinzcash.
  7. What is that? I was too busy playing Webkinz and trying to keep my mom from stealing my Neopets account.
  8. Hey, at least we're all older than @Blackout2006
  9. Same. But I remember staring at our old Windows XP computer for hours while one of my sister's and I had Crazy Frog on loop.
  10. No... going back to Gummy Bear makes me feel like I'm going to die of cringe. Not so much with the iconic Crazy Frog.
  11. It's my favorite on Blackout. And that's saying something because Blackout has no bad songs or skips. So it's not easy choosing a favorite.
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