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  1. Artemis is the white cat, Luna is the black/purple cat. And yeah I totally feel you, I grew up with the OG DiC dub that came out in the early 2000s so when I started watching the Japanese version, I was so shocked to find out the first season came out in 1992. Are you watching the English version or the Japanese version?
  2. I chose those 2 costumes in particular because I feel like Halloween is one of the few times I feel like being overly feminine/sexy and remind people I'm not completely masculine. Aw that'll be cute! I went as Artemis once, all I did was put on white cat ears and a crescent moon on my forehead.
  3. Probably last year's. I wore the I'm A Slave 4 U VMAs outfit. I pretty much go as Sailor Moon every year though because I never feel like buying a new costume and my best friend makes an amazing Sailor Mars.
  4. I watch most anime on Hulu, though I'll occasionally watch some on my jailbroken Firestick if it's not avaliable to legally stream. I also buy DVDs for the anime I really love.
  5. Omg no, his eyes aren't all white it's the tiny profile pic making it look weird. And he's making that 😏 face. Same, and I especially love reveals in anime where the characters find out that this one person has a totally different life or just this big secret. Like that's one of the reasons I love Sailor Moon so much, the reveals are so d.amn good. So everyone finding out that this guy who just got his license has actually been driving for 5 years now has me like Mhm we all want his Initial D. Keisuke's too.
  6. This one's so happy and bubbly, it's cute as hell Initial D is like my second favorite anime of all time, right behind Sailor Moon. It's about your average high school kid Takumi Fujiwara (my avi) who's actually a mountain pass drifting legend. He's been delivering tofu for his dad's business at night since he was 13 with an old a.ss Toyota Corolla and the show is all about him learning to love street racing (as well as beating the f.uck out of his opponents). My description is messy but it's amazing.
  7. I had no idea Super Sentai shows had such amazing OPs! And yes, all of the Initial D music is like that. I love it. Europeans singing English songs for a Japanese anime.
  8. OMGGG IT'S A BOP I'll have to listen to more of those, it's so good. I love this one because it still makes you want to eat guardrail with how fast you're going, but it's also one of the more emotional songs.
  9. Aw Anticipating and Loverboy are both so much fun to listen to while driving, especially when you're out with friends. For popish music and daytime driving, I love listening to The Weeknd His music has that "I'm gonna crash my car brb" vibe that makes speeding through traffic such a rush. Of course, at night I've usually got some s.hit like Running In The 90s blaring while pretending I'm in a racing anime.
  10. I love that. I mostly listen to eurobeat when I drive which is probably the stupidest thing you can do and yet I'm still doing it like the clown I am...
  11. I don't know if this counts, but when I'm stressed or angry, I go out at night, find empty roads, and I drive as fast as I can. Going 90+ MPH in the dark doesn't really help me. Like it relaxes me and I like losing myself in the adrenaline rush, but I know it can't last because it's so dangerous. Lately I've been trying to play Mario Kart instead, but I broke my Switch controller because I hold the B button down so hard.
  12. I will never be able to truly sing my praises enough for this album. I feel like I owe it everything to be honest. After experiencing this album for the first time, I wrote my first good song. It was like a songwriting breakthrough for me. Get Back is that b.itch. Outta This World is also that b.itch. Forever and always, f.uck you Billboard.
  13. We been knew, @OnlyFacts You had fun with my reputation a few months ago, didn't you?
  14. Hi, welcome to Exhale! Your lyrics are incredible, thank you for sharing! And please let me know when your album is avaliable.
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