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  1. This actually makes me really sad whether it's real shade or not, it's awful seeing something become so iconic only to have it be snatched and become synonymous with a flop.
  2. Tbh some of my favorite quotes from that show are ones she said, so I totally understand. There were times where I did actually like her, but for the most part I just wanted her to leave. She made a very good villain and a kinda shitty "hero". But yes justice for Kendra
  3. Ugh Faith and her gross five by five's
  4. he's so damn sweet, I can't. But wow that remix... I always thought there was too much going on in the original, but the new one is so clean sounding. Literally a 1000 times better than the original.
  5. Honey are you okay? I don't post often but damn, it's posts like yours that just force me to say something.
  6. Is it Out From Under? I'm really scared that it's not. The Buffy gif had me stuck for a minute but then I thought about it and it kind of makes sense (at least in my head)?
  7. Okay first of all let me just say, your avatar is gorgeous. Under The Cherry Moon is an underrated classic. Second, when I said he was f**ked in the head, I meant with his religion. Even during the Symbol era, Prince was writing Slave on his face and changing his name for the right reason. He lost it after he became a Jehovah's Witness and abandoned Mayte for that Testolini bitch.
  8. oh my God I love this so much. The look in Princess Serenity's eyes matches Britney's so well, the way their hair both sweeps in the same direction. Perfection. Anyways, I remember when those Insta videos of her working out were posted and the Kaleidomoon Scope proplica could be seen in the background. That was a good day
  9. The only reason this song still holds up is because it samples Vanity 6's Nasty Girl (he may have been completely f**ked in the head but Prince knew music ). Anyways yeah Slave 4 U is most definitely one of her best singles but if we're talking singles from Britney, I love Anticipating more
  10. As someone who actually did grow up as trailer trash, it is a little offensive when people who have no idea what it's like use that term. But despite most of these pictures looking horrendous, I love them. I've always loved the fact that Britney was able to go from barely being able to afford food kind of poor to this hugely successful popstar. Always made me think as a kid that if Britney could do it, then I could do it too. Ugh Queen of Inspiration
  11. Britney Pulse indicates that this actually is Britney singing, but I'm not so sure. This was supposedly a scrapped song from In The Zone, but again, not too sure about that. I want to believe (cuz it sounds so good ), but while certain parts do sound a lot like Britney, a lot of parts don't. I have no idea how Ellina G fits into this, whoever she is.
  12. So I agree with you on Britney being an absolutely fantastic album. It's very much so underappreciated and I adore listening to it in full. I also agree with you that Glory feels very meh for me at the moment (Love Me Down will forever be a bop though ). But then again, I was always somewhat critical of Glory. When it was first released, I had very mixed views on it. I've come to love it more, but I still remain set on my opinion that songs such as Clumsy are very generic sounding. But you will not come for Blackout. That album is a NECESSARY. COMPONENT. for the Holy Trinity. NEARLY every song on that album is good (Toy Soldier is just ok ) But anyways. I understand you questioning Glory's placement within the Holy Trinity, but it's there, like it or not. That album marked a significant time to be a Britney stan, and while I don't think the album still holds up (if it ever did), I will always be grateful for it. Okay rant's over.
  13. Sweetie why do you keep trying with these posts they only ever backfire on you
  14. As an ex Prince fan, I nearly died when I discovered this song on Prince.org years ago. It's just so damn good of course that website is an evil place from the hellmouth itself and all they've ever done is bash Britney
  15. I love how the caption doesn't even mention Britney's reign for nearly a decade
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