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  1. Well, P!nk has just released the new music video for her new single - "Walk Me Home". To be honest... it really fits the song: it's decent, but nothing new, interesting and done oh so many times before. To summarize the whole thing for you: it starts in a city with lots of people, cars, basically the stereotypical big city imagery. Then, we see P!nk strolling along the sidewalk and POOF! - everyone suddenly just disappears. The rest of the video consists of P!nk walking through the city (and flying a bit too) while awkwardly dancing in the air with an invisible partner and shadows behind her. To summarize the whole thing, it's basically very musical-ish. I don't watch musicals at all, but I feel like this is a common occurrence in them. So, yeah, as I said before - the video fits the song as both are kinda boring but nice and have been done before many times. By the way, I forgot to mention this in my previous thread, but it extremely bothers me how she rhymes 'good' with 'good' in the first verse. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... I gotta mention this for the third time, but I'll never get over the fact that she seriously decided to name her album Hurts 2B Human. Now though, I'll leave it up to you - what do you guys think about it? Is it any good or is it simply put, disposable? Discuss!
  2. HERE ARE SOME TIPS ON HOW TO SURVIVE THIS ANXIETY ATTACK OR WHATEVER YOU'RE HAVING RIGHT NOW! 1. Calm down. 2. Be patient. 3. Try stanning other artists like Mariah, Ariana or MARINA for example. 4. Listen to Lady Wood by Tove Lo. 5. Did I already mention calming down? 6. Drink some f***ing water. 7. Calm THE HELL down. (For some reason, the formatting of spoilers right now is extremely messed up and it's annoying, so, yeah. )
  3. Shadow2003

    music Work it, work it, boy watch me work it

    When I read the title, I thought this was gonna be a "Private Show" appreciation thread... That wasn't really the OP's intention, but it became just that. Yeah, "Private Show" is nice, very unusual and new for Britney, but it's got AWFUL vocals. If not for them, this could be Glory's best song... If her vocals on songs like this and "What You Need" get better (A.K.A. she uses her natural voice), I'd totally be down for her to work with Young Fyre again.
  4. Yes. And also, I can't really say anything else than what the OP already said - the song is FLAWLESS, the video is FLAWLESS (she turned a concept of being a cat lady into a masterpiece. A goddamn CAT LADY). I'm also surprised that no thread about it got popular while 15 almost identical "wHeRe Is BrInNi nOw I nEeD nEw MuSiC" threads get WAY more replies / views / IDK, they seem more popular. Sooooooooo... yeah.