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  1. Honey, I said "one of the best", not "the best". There's a difference. As for the costume in the video you found, it would've been much better if it was 'fuller', in my opinion. Like, a bodysuit instead of panties, a bra and whatever is on her waist.
  2. "The good ol' times"? Wow, that's such an... old person phrase.
  3. Oh wow... she really looks beautiful in that photo... Still though, I was talking about the costume only, not her in the costume. She also tends to have her hair tied when wearing that costume and it doesn't look too flattering. The new schoolgirl outfit is THE best costume in Piece Of Me. As for the others, they're fairly simple and not too interesting, but also not awful. You're still forgetting the one she wore here:
  4. OMG, yes! Thanks for finding this! But what do you think of that video in my OP? Any live vocals there?
  5. While looking for videos of Britney doing the "Work B**ch" choreography's floor part fully, I came across this video of the entire show: I started watching some of it and noticed one little thing: the vocals seem a little... weird. It's like she's singing live, but it sounds too much like Myah... There are some slight voice cracks during "Womanizer"'s second pre-chorus too. This got me thinking: did Piece Of Me ever have pre-recorded vocals? Did she ever sing live (not including "Something To Talk About")? Or was it all just lip-syncing from 20-year-old studio vocals (looking at you, "...Baby One More Time" performances)?
  6. Yeah, I believe she only started doing it in the revamped show (2016 - 2018). I looked through YouTube videos of performances from 2015, but she dodged most of the floor choreography in every one.
  7. I'm actually not a fan of this costume in the video you posted - it annoys me how the whole thing is black and then there are those panties that, of course, are RED and don't fit into the rest. I always hated those outfits where everything is one colour, except for ONE. ITEM. The costume in the first post is actually one of the best in POM, in my opinion.
  8. I feel like that could be her brother, Bryan:
  9. Oh please, do not forget the one and only goddess of pop, Cher! She's been ruling well over the pop world for thousands of years since 1966. Also, "Take Me Home", "Prisoner" and "Never Should've Started" will ALWAYS remain bops. Living Proof may also be the freshest-sounding album I ever heard. I thought that title would go to Madonna's Confessions On A Dance Floor (released in 2005), but this one was released in 2001!
  10. Well, she had a career from the late 80s to the mid-90s. She released three studio albums so far: Forever Your Girl (1988) Spellbound (1991) Head Over Heels (1995) Her last release so far was a 2009 single titled "I'm Just Here For The Music". As Dayve already said, she also survived a plane crash. And as my OP said, she's starting a Las Vegas residency this year. Aaaaaaaaand... that's all I can tell you so far! I don't know all too much about her, but her official thread was missing, so I made one!
  11. Why, in the name of the Spaghetti Monster, WHY, would you use up storage space on your expensive device... for Brinni Jeen, of all albums???
  12. Oh dear, I did not know about that... But then again, there's no mention of that on her Wikipedia page and I also checked: "Aviation accidents and incidents in 1992" (that's when it happened, right?) "Aviation accidents and incidents involving an engine failure" (I read that that was the cause) What happened does seem pretty bad, but I'm glad it wasn't anything worse... Engine failure, gladly, mostly just results in an emergency landing with no fatalities and few / no injuries, but something worse can always happen (take Southern Airways Flight 242, for example). Also, I searched up "Paula Abdul plane crash" in my browser, and this is the photo that came up. Is this an actual photo from the crash site (I doubt it) or is it from some other private jet accident? Also, this got kinda serious really quickly...
  13. I noticed that Paula doesn't have an official thread here, despite having hits (in the late 80s and 90s ) and a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Well, apparently, she has a residency coming this year - Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl. It starts in August. Here's the poster: What I find funny is this: she hasn't released an album since 1995 and her last single was released in 2009... so, while some people said the main appeal of Britney: Piece Of Me was nostalgia factor, at least Britney performed some of her new songs there... this one will be pure nostalgia factor. What do y'all think?
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