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  1. My fav britney song is mystic man (an unreleased one) and I’m a woman who loves Britney so mystic womaney
  2. So if he is clear about NDA then why yall still believing Billy B
  3. what do you think? I’ve never made a meme before. Would find it hilarious if it went viral. Major aim is for Boris to see lol.
  4. Yayyyy! Thank you so much Roxxy! AND I HAVE ACHIEVED IT! yassssss I’m now a platinum rep exhaled I’m in the big league now!!! your message was so kind and uplifting! And I do love to react to everything. Great things are coming!
  5. This may be random or bloomin obvs But I was wondering as I realised I am close to 1k personal points (something I’ve wanted for ages lol ) anyway, when you see this I may now be at 1k points but was wondering if giving points takes away my points cause If so I been more generous than Ellen, ya welcome love you exhale! Now gimme points
  6. I said this before but WHEN SHE HAD HAIR IN KNOTS WAS FOR NOTTTINGHILL FESTIVAL WHERE EVERYONE CELEBRATES BLACK CULTURE IT IS NOT RACIST! Can you not MENTION a country without it being racist? i thought the skit was to make fun of the white middle class women getting with African men for the first time when divorced - we laugh at them. It’s not agreeing with oppression of black women in Africa. It’s a stereotype Jesus lord. i personally didn’t get it but didn’t see what was offensive. Also black men are very loud and proud of their assets stereotyped on them so what is the issue
  7. https://www.pinterest.de/pin/72479875228775761/?amp_client_id=e4x145aN8fsSYIDCTsXdhMUgw7F_ETyFZRcGD-k6BQU5QG7g8Hi56VbOXw-4LkUX&mweb_unauth_id=4b57a3f1&amp_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.de%2Famp%2Fchrmessall%2Fbritney-spears-4%2F
  8. The abuse this has is truly unbelievable. The court is just as shady as the cship itself. people far worse than Britney have 10 kids and mental problems or even neglect their kids don’t get their rights removed. I just can’t believe any person, the judge or anyone, especially her dad, would think this reasonable conditions for someone’s life. It’s not a life and wow. to some she may have everything but reality she has nothing.
  9. What stinks more than physically stopping her having a baby (but I think this has been known for sometime, I believe Charlie wanted to marry her and Jamie said no so he left as he wanted a family which is fair and makes it more said for brit) BUT she’s nearly 39. She’s got another 6 years at best, to have a baby naturally anyway. she’ll be even more unhappy if she ends up never getting that 3rd baby. Now she really hasn’t much time left. As a woman myself, who wants babies, I can’t think of anything worse. when you have that maternal instinct that’s what you want. If that’s never made possible for her to have another baby, we’ll... I think we need to advocate baby rights in the free Britney movement ASAP. She needs that baby! ALL THAT SHE WANTS IS ANOTHER BABY
  10. I Stan because of the unreleased tracks. My fav is mystic man - hence my profile. so much better and her real self and writing abilities and singing voice
  11. I’d like to know what you mean... recently Kevin said he trusts Britney and doesn’t think she’s a threat to the kids - effectively supporting her and not her dads narrative that gave britney the cship and took her kids away. Kevin used her back in the day, but he’s never said anything bad about her since, bought those kids up and yes he gets more money from Britney but he is basically earning personally as much as us. (Like 3k a month with 6 kids) Those kids need security being Spears kids! That costs. at the moment I am feeling like Kevin is the only one supporting britneys freedom as he trusts her as a mother to their children and he has bought them up basically away from the limelight. I’d say that’s a good job. He could have sent those boys to work as kids like Britney.
  12. So Britney is reading exhale? does this mean when she says stuff like I love the comments she’s actually talking about us? Idk. but omg. We need to make sure the forum is the most helpful tool at her disposal and not hurting her feelings. thanks Jordan!
  13. Why did he only clock by X factor she was in cship when she was in cship their entire professional relationship he has stated here? do I detect some pants on fire?
  14. I always get serious anxiety for how quickly she gets it back to Britney blonde, seemingly at the flick of a switch. My hairdresser would smack me with the brush if I tried to do it that fast. It’s not good for the hair condition
  15. I’d like to just be invited to see her. put me in reserved guest list now!
  16. Remember when Britney was in charge of her money and built her mum a mansion, paid her parents debts to get rid of her dad,and wasn’t having it swindled from under her for all purposes. I hate JL she needs a job
  17. Hate to say it but I think her insta is her. she was spotted at the Beach by paps + she won the right to her own lawyer! So I think these posts reflect how she feels even the bad ones
  18. This made me so insanely jealous! (Even tho I’m in the UK. Just imagine.) so glad she’s always been a lovely kind person. She just wants normal interactions like this. I’m glad she gets out and no one knows about it. I’m so happy she can do her own things.
  19. I mean he no doubt probably has an iPhone so she would be able to iMessage. he never had her number. He never spoke to her about it. STOP LISTENING TO HIM! he changes his stance in relation to what gives him more attention.
  20. He does this the same reason he pretends to talk to britney. he LOVES the attention. From now on we should agree to ignore him and not discuss his comments anymore. He’ll get bored and not bother spreading hate (because there’s only hate towards his non supported proof. In an essay or a court room his comments are not backed up with any evidence for Britney but we give him time of day over and over. Leave him and ignore him and he’ll be sad that he has no career or attention anymore) he’s loving this promise you. He’s a drama queen who wasn’t invited to the exhale party.
  21. Omg! Can him and billy stop pretending to be close to the situation. britney is cut off from EVERYONE So ain’t nobody getting real answers unless it’s her. JL is on daddy’s pay role (from britneys bank) she ain’t gunna let that gravy train end. Paris said she does still see her as they have a joint best friend. And she said she doesn’t talk about her mental health - because that’s what real friends do! She does support the movement tho. I believe Paris over these fame hungry wannabes anyday STOP GIVING THESE LEECHES AIR TIME. especially billy b. He reads comments about himself and I don’t want him to have the satisfaction of reading an angry message about him on his thread so I’m leaving it here.
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