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  1. My main issue is how he attacks that Eugenia with an eating disorder and thinks that he gets a pass for it because he suffered too and I think it is really detrimental to what is going on with her. (I obviously dont favour her body checking but I also dont encourage people to attack mental health and say they can because they have suffered its counter productive) also apparently I read on here before that he leaked the fake document of Sam being paid. So I’m inclined to not respect him and I think that should be okay. And doesn’t determine my opinions on other things. They’re non comparable Thank you for being kinder to me though Justin. this is my last comment on this I’ve never experience such hostility from this site as I did today. I don’t want to continue. say whatever now I’m not coming back online for a while until this is old news
  2. How old are you? im not jealous of a YouTube I have a masters degree and have a really good job I don’t have any reason to be jealous of a YouTube. Only a teen would think a YouTube following is something people would aspire to want. I care about the movement. I was very polite in how I told you my feelings. You completely disregarded them with “blah blah blah” so your comments make no sense. nothing I have said has been pro conservatorship and it never has been. you’ve provided no proof either. Because there isn’t any. please leave me alone you’re really immature and I’ve reported you. I won’t be replying to you anymore. You’re not literate also at this current moment you haven’t even viewed my profile. You’re a big troll and pathetic
  3. Idk what you are referring to you’re strange and legit causing an unwarranted, baseless mob mentality @Jordan Miller pls can you time them out I’m far from jealous or a Jamie lover
  4. Idk all the people who have had platforms have gotten such an ego and destroyed their credibility by acting this way. Sloan, britneys gram and LFB. jordan is honestly the only humble person who hasn’t let it corrupt him. we don’t need people making it about them and then bringing followers with their same aggression like the person on this thread. jordan works so hard to make this place positive vibes and to ensure that the Britney movement doesn’t send horrible messages or death threats to perpetrators in the situation. Yet we insult each other with them? We’re more mature than most fan bases I don’t think we need to be acting the way some are and these aggressive voices only cheapen the situation when this is really really serious it’s not a game. It’s not about popularity. It’s gotten out of control with these influencers creating their own kind of cult about themselves for fame it’s wrong. It’s exploitation. Which the entire movement is meant to be eradicating. And my disdain for Sloan comes from how he talks about others on his channel too. Idk why he’s allowed to talk about people the way he does. He only inlicits a mob culture of hate. id like to see him change his attitude and then I’d appreciate his input
  5. You need to calm down hun. He is a horrible person and the movement doesn’t need rudeness to get by. he puts down other people outside the Britney movement for this so called “star” and if that’s deemed successful I don’t think I want to be a part of that. It’s not a career it’s bullying. do not try and tell me who I am in the movement again. You’re wrong and you’re acting like him over my criticism proving my point. Have a good day
  6. I’m not jealous, why would I want to be a YouTube he’s really horrible and rude to the people he talks about. I don’t appreciate that.
  7. “Rising YouTube star SLO4N” did he write that himself? please stop trying to make Sloan happens he’s a ****
  8. 60k cases today in the UK 1 in 50 have it in UK and the Oxford vaccine isn’t working in Africa who now have an even stronger mutated version of the virus. im in Kent at the damn epicentre of this new variant but it looks like this virus is now mutating faster, deadlier and stronger than we and medicine can keep up with. we can’t keep doing lockdowns. It’ll become an apocalypse because we can’t manage it anywhere.
  9. I think I believe grams girls are a bit into it for the hype. I remember when they got the voicemail they handled it well and Said they didn’t want to be actively involved just here to give info. Then they started going on TV and saying a lot of stuff and looking really stupid (although, without their adrenaline rush we probably wouldn’t be here in the first place.) so I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but I am saying they live for the fight and live for the attention and live for the drama. at this point tho idc what the truth is. What I do care about is having the court documents explained to me and letting me see all legal documentation. idc what they do in their own time, I need to understand legal stuff and the grams girls can’t do that. So please can we just let go who has done what and go back to the objective. If you can’t work together then you don’t have to. But we all have something to contribute. Sounds like counselling an undergrad work team. Come on you’re grown as women. You know this. this literally ain’t a childish game on tik rock stop acting like them. Have some dignity! Like our girl Britney! that’s all I have to say.
  10. I think, his interview SCREAMS deflection. I also don’t think that’s his fault. RCA clearly told the band they were re releasing it as Britney and when pressed to say it was recorded safely apart for covid, but be general, other than fans, the GP will buy it as a recent recording. Yall ever worked in a bar or shop and seen how dumb the customers are? That’s how easy it is. if anything his stuttering helps support that he isn’t too comfortable with the lie himself but he’s under pressure from his label to not speak about britneys situation. Theyre “label friends” the “label” is in charge of his music, his voice, what they release, what they say. I know this was the case for touring but do you think her record deal has the “must be in a cship clause as well?” I think it does. and we are only getting a few people, like Cher, actual people in the industry (not billy b) saying everyone’s heard stuff for years. He knows and probably wishes he could say it was an old recording, or unreleased album, they decided to release for the fans, for nostalgia and for the low amount of work being produced due to the pandemic. It’s so easy to say that and he didn’t. So he doesn’t want to lie. what I’m trying to say is, what he didn’t say speaks volumes to me.
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