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  1. Help I haven’t been active for a while as I’ve been doing my dissertation since janurary. It ends in September so I have had time to come back and I need to be caught up with what these letters are and see more and have it all explained to me please
  2. Myah, you have a song called girl next door on your fb and I’ve legit been waiting years for it. When can I finally have it? also, have always adored your work!!! Thank you for doing this!
  3. Nah defo was rude. That's why I said originally, I believe she will grow into her features. That's more common than not. I didn't mean I actually thought she did have a disability. I saw it on here before is all. I also wouldnt wanna actually say something like that that isn't true yannoe. But yeah, you've made a really good comparison. She'll look cute. Just right now its all ready to evolve. My friend was born with the biggest forehead in the world and she doesn't have it anymore. It's how it is with babies it'll hopefully work out in the long run
  4. thank you so much jordan! this means a lot! I literally thought the timing was so off for the post. I'm so relieved to hear you're not at me. Honestly, when my friends showed me the replies I was stressed by these 12 year olds. thank you thank you thank you
  5. thank you! im so glad to see this! even if it was in the bio before then cool but yeah rn is such a weird time and i didnt want her to hate me but it was so mad! i am beyond relieved with the support from you guys thanks!!! this is exactly what it is point by point thank you!! lol has she seen the comments britney gets under her photos. this was nothing
  6. omg im doing a masters too! my boyfriend will reassure you too dw
  7. my boyfriend legit just went 'hahahaah looks like theres a whole group of people waiting to let out how they feel about jamie lynn' im so happy. this is such a relief. ahah! you lovely ***
  8. you are one of the reasons why I love this place. I am so grateful for you and everyones response today. It made me feel a lot better than I had been thinking. I just thought Britney would hate me, my friends said they doubt she even knows but it was just making me so sad as Britney is so strong and I always say if I could have a religion it would be Britney because shes ridiculously strong and motivational. A perfect queen. Oh my god. I will get into reading these thank you!! then I will consider sharing a story. This must have happened while I've been studying for my masters. I cant wait to get back into this as often as I did before my course started. THANK YOU you have no idea. I really hope we get to talk and see more of each other. You are a real light in a dark time thank you thank you thank you thank you oxooxo
  9. This is too much I love it I've never been called punk rock until today and I'm LIVINNGG
  10. thats what I was feeling recently with her content like huh... I suspected she must know deep down - why else would she reply and make such a fuss. she is completely clueless and unlikable. I think she believes her own hype. But no one actually wants a Zoey101 reboot its no lizzie mcguire
  11. she is a green finger with her nature
  12. honestly exhale has always been my safe place. Even when I've been bad mentally exhale has always come through. This place is such a lovely community and thats what brit fans truly are. Her sister is such a flop fan. thats true its funny how insecure she is, she is rather pathetic. i think i would still rather be me than be her in a mansion because i got more intersting things to do than worry about who to block on insta ive been studying this year so havent been on as much as I was before but clearly i needed to get back on here thank you quarantine! hahaha
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