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  1. Thank you for Mood Ring Jon! Did Britney have any comments/input about the song that led to any changes mid production?
  2. Whoever sang This Is What You Came For -- love what you've done! You sound great!
  3. I wonder if the lockdown feels no different to her than her normal conservatorship life...
  4. Oh. I thought someone mixed Cardi's Coronavirus song with Toxic
  5. Shane Dawson just posted about In the Zone and is asking Britney fans about it. A lot of people are asking about her in the replies.
  6. The fans are starting to withdraw support for team conservatorship, and I think that's beautiful.
  7. So they basically confirmed to us that: 1. She doesn't have access to the internet 2. She isn't the one posting on IG/ handling her social media accounts 3. Lynne is perceived as an actual threat by Team B
  8. I read the same thing @LiquoriceBabe. Thanks for pointing it out @ifuseekamy_ Let me edit that post.
  9. After going through pages and pages of this thread and seeing the naysayers comments @cheesebrits @colormefresh etc, I can only ask them this. If there's absolutely nothing wrong with the conservatorship, a legal investigation shouldn't be a problem right? What are you afraid of? You should just sit there patiently and wait for the announcement that you are 100% correct instead of spending your hours here. Just because the documents are sealed doesn't mean we cannot question it if there are evidence that something is amiss. Because I can predict that you will ask me wHaT evIDeNcE!? as you have done the others, I will already rename some to refresh your memory even though people have been mentioning them repeatedly in this 1000+ paged thread: Her mother, friends, workmates supporting the #freebritney movement Britney herself wanting to get out of the conservatorship (filing cases, mentioning it) Britney losing the capacity to choose her own legal defense vs someone like Ted Bundy is given the liberty to do so The inconsistency that she is denied basic human rights while forced to do extraordinary, stressful things such as tours and residency Her team being so controlling and even censoring her The judge that previously handled the case (not Queen Brenda) was known for being corrupt Donations to Mercy Ministries which is anti-LGBTQ and handled by Lou Taylor and her husband Inconsistencies in Team B's announcements and press releases (Jamie's illness as reason for cancelling Domination, etc.) Britney's confirmation that the movement is helping her case (via Anthony and Fe) These and many more are reasons why people have questioned the conservatorship. Now that it is under the public eye, more inconsistencies are coming to light. If we are able to prove that nothing is absolutely wrong with this set-up, then good for everybody. But what if something is wrong? That's why we are talking about it. This doesn't mean we don't believe she has any mental disorder. She may or may not have it. It's the circumstances surrounding it that's questionable. But I must admit, one good thing you guys contribute is that you force people to strengthen their arguments. That would probably suck if you were actually Team B.
  10. I work in the medical industry so I absolutely get that sick people need treatment. I agree that there is a stigma. This is why I said if she is indeed sick, it's good that she is getting treatment. I hope they come around though. It's really better that they reveal and be more progressive. What I don't agree with is how you seem to be very adamant that team B's narrative is 100% correct. As for privacy, yes, it's her right. That's why we all need to be careful when it comes to what we demand from her and her family. Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is I hope you can also see where everyone else on this thread is coming from. It is all out of concern for Britney. And who's to say that Team B is entirely doing what's right? If someone you love is showing difficulty in his/her life, wouldn't you ask about it? Her fans cannot simply drop this without being convinced well enough that B is okay because she is well loved.
  11. If they reveal to us officially that it is, then yes. Otherwise, what makes you so sure that it can't be the other way around? The others are saying that maybe her team is just taking advantage of her since there's so much money at stake. While I can't say that is correct either, you cannot discredit the idea by merely stating/believing that this conservatorship was put in place properly because of an official medical illness. What if it's just something her team wants to portray to the public? We don't have enough evidence of what's going on inside while weird things are happening which is what caused us to talk this much about the issue in the first place. If we find that she is indeed in need of treatment, then it's good that she's getting that. But like I said, our focus shouldn't be on her diagnosis. I honestly think it's good that we are questioning the whole thing in case there is indeed foul play. If not, then good for her. I just wish people would do it respectfully. Some of us can be ruthless.
  12. We really can never have a say with regards to the status of her mental health for as long as they don't reveal her true diagnosis. So I think that saying she is mentally ill/disabled would be as assumptive as saying she is entirely well. As long as we never get first hand information, I think we shouldn't really argue about whether or not she has bipolar disorder. On the argument that having a mental illness and doing anxiety-ridden shows would be inconsistent, I'd have to disagree as well because one doesn't nullify the other. She can have both (and be miserable about it, as is probably the case). However, I do agree that this makes her team appear to be milking her out despite her being "unable to care for herself". There lies the problem. We should question the conservatorship, not the mental illness. I wish I could believe her IG video today. I'm just as in doubt as the lot of you. But it was still nice to hear from her. I wish she gets better soon.
  13. Imagine only logging on after skipping just one week. Everything sounds so crazy doesn't it?
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