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  1. No freedom no comeback, as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Then again... in light of everything that's happened, do you think they would really 'force' her into something like this? They gotta know we'll come after them if she looks miserable in the photos.
  3. But she doesn't enjoy the M&Gs !!! Ugh her team...
  4. I still stan curious. Yes Brit, I dare.
  5. Queen of keeping it tight!! She looks incredible. I LOVE that she's talking directly to us.
  6. I don't see how she could ever revisit 'Overprotected' with the C-ship in place. This song was recorded 18 years ago by a barely 20 year old Britney Spears. To think its meaning is just as relevant, if not more, today as it was in 2001 is actually quite disturbing.
  7. Hey Lou, I know you know we hate you cuz you’re a total c*nt and all... but would you please see to it that Brit gets the song?
  8. Yes TIMITO, what is “happening”? AAND by the wayy, on Loucifer’s post about LGBTQ blah blah... who the hell is she thinking will get the message while her account is private.
  9. It’s a neat idea, I like the segment, but highly unlikely. I’m also kind of over the questions she’s allowed to answer. I Am Britney Jean’s first question was literally “what’s your favorite bubble gum flavor?” Considering how well-researched the host is on his guests, I doubt Lou would even allow it. Then again, I thought the same about Carpool Karaoke and that happened. Even though technically she hardly sang at all. Supposedly there was also a scene with the dancers that was never aired. Not even as a bonus for the YT channel.
  10. I'm just another kind of girl, and you wanna see my world.
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