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  1. She can breathe but only if Jamie let’s her
  2. I don’t know if I’d call this a missed opportunity as such but sadly had Britney not been pushed to breaking point and had a public meltdown I think her career would have got bigger and bigger. Her Greatest Hits could have been massive. She could have did a GH world tour and properly celebrated her previous music. Lots of people say Original Doll would have been massive. I have to disagree... I think OD was so big because there was so much mystery surrounding the album. The snippets we’ve heard from what could have been on the album wasn’t all that impressive imo. I love Blackout and I think that was very Britney but I’m not so sure about OD.
  3. FF is one of the few albums from Britney’s that I can listen to every single track (except How I Roll). The songs are solid dance/feel good. I just feel it’s a bit generic and not very Britney Spears. Literally any artist could have released it and around about 2010/2011 lots of people were doing that style of music so she could have gone for something a little more unique to her. It’s also evident she wasn’t into this era and had a lot going on in her personal life. She should never have been forced on stage when she was being so medicated. It’s sad.
  4. FTR documentary is where my suspicions came from originally. It was this documentary which spelled it out for me. The idea that Larry was back in her life, her father was such a huge presence in this documentary just said so much. Basing that on previous documentaries where her parents weren’t really a part of her business (ie crying whenever her mom was mentioned) for a time back in 2004. Her dad became way too involved in the business it made me cringe having him floating around like a spare part during the Womanizer video shoot. How uncool must it feel to be shooting a sexy video and having your father watching over you. That’s just basic human nature there are times you want to be independent. It seems to me Britney has matured backwards (not through her own choice but given the circumstances around her). Secondly it was evident it was ALL about the money. Her team were literally such a tight circle and they were going to make sure Britney was never going to do to them what she did before and that was jeopardise her finances. She was never going to fire Larry again. She was never going to cut them out of her life like that again so they locked her in for financial security. You can see that 2008 was just far too early for her to be returning to work. If she was ever going to come back she should have been given a good few years to sort herself out and find out what she wanted before being forced to go back into the music business only months after a massive breakdown. Let’s remember it was only January 2008 she was crying outside her house. She was a mess. She had no control over anything really. She couldn’t even drive. The one thing that struck me was how much they normalised what was going on. The way she was ignored literally throughout the full thing. It was so true when she said they listen but they’re really not listening - they’re hearing what they want to hear. They literally ignore any of her concerns and it’s almost like they get fed up listening to her. Brett especially was quite rude to her throughout. Let’s jus remember that they work for Britney Spears not the other way around. Her team are so toxic and this documentary just proves it.
  5. Does this old drunk think we actually believe a word that comes out of his disgusting mouth? If this was a “conspiracy theory” then why are they trying to turn the media, shut us down, stop Britney from contacting us. If we were all making this place why hasn’t Britney communicated to us directly? Because they don’t want her to speak her truth. She’s been silenced. This isn’t even damage control we’re so past the point of saying this is a conspiracy theory. It’s common knowledge and there is evidence making it FACTS. Go away and stop insulting our intelligence you drunken old fool.
  6. I get major bad vibes from this *****. I’ve said it before she’s a total yes person to Britney’s face but probably treats her like a ******** teenager. She will only be interested in the money she’s getting. A superficial *****. To think she went from Felecia to Brett to this
  7. I genuinely thought TTWE would have been massive in the UK and one of her signature songs. I also thought Slumber Party would have been a bigger hit
  8. Everyone has ups and downs nobody is perfect. Even if Britney was free she is only human so she would have days where she really wasn’t feeling it. If she does suffer from mental health problems (like bipolar) she would continue to take medication for it. She would need to learn to manage it but I don’t think there’s any justification for being under a life long conservatorship. Think of the many millions of people who have mental health issues in the world - they aren’t under a C-Ship. Britney is a 38 year old woman. She turns 39 at the end of this year. She needs to be given credit for the amazing person she is and not so focused on the negatives which have probably all stemmed from her being so controlled from a young age. She couldn’t go on nights out with friends, had to keep a schedule, was clearly over worked and sexually exploited from a very young age. Let’s also remember the massive career she’s had that not many people can compare with. I would go crazy with that pressure.
  9. This interview was always plain sad. For a start you can tell she’s not into this interview and doesn’t particularly want to be in London. The photos of her from that promotional schedule just show how unhappy she looks. Her eyes look tired and so dead. A statement like that is not said by a woman who is in a stable/happy state of mind. But she’s fine she loves her life and the conservatorship saved her life
  10. Honestly the vibe I get from her is attitude. I think even when she was younger she had such confidence (Britney even admits way more confidence than her from a young age). That’s not a bad thing at all but sometimes I think because she was the baby of the family she was definitely babied by her parents and her older brother and sister probably. Britney would have been majorly successful as she grew up so let’s be honest she was given a lot of opportunity to be in the spotlight with a famous sister. I just hate how Britney was always there for her during her younger years and to go from that to how JL has defended Jamie, Lou and the conservatorship is just really sad and disappointing. After that I was just so over JL.
  11. Britney is damaged goods unfortunately. She is so terrified of everything now after everything she’s gone through. It’s only understandable. That little light behind her eyes has been gone for so long now. It’s sad
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