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  1. Soda Pop What U See Is What U Get Cinderella Early Mornin’ Get Back Rock Me In Trip To Your Heart Alien Liar/Swimming In The Stars Taste
  2. ITZ for me is and always will be her best album. Blackout is amazing too as I love her darker work but still ITZ. 2003/2004 was just
  3. Glory was probably the most promotion she had did in years. For here in the UK at least.. She appeared on Jonathan Ross for an interview and also performed MM. She appeared on the actual Loose Women show not just the usual interviews which are pre recorded in a room like she did in 2011 for FF. I remember her being on radio a lot during that time. I miss the Glory era. I honestly blame the single choices. Had she gone with a catchy bop like If I’m Dancing for the first single I think it would have picked up a lot more.
  4. Exactly this! I liked that Charlie was already independently successful. He didn’t really gain anything from Britney’s money. I think she needs to find a man like that. Not someone who’s using her and her money for social gain (ie Sam). I was sad when they broke up. I do think, however that Britney doesn’t go for guys like Charlie I think she likes a “bad boy” or that kind of imagine like K-Fed. I still stand by that Britney probably loved him the most. I think she liked what Kevin brought out in her and that was sass and attitude rather than let people walk over her. I’m really not into Sam at all I think he’s a leech and is involved in team CON. Sam can’t love anyone like he loves himself. He’s using her to build a career. And before anyone comes for me saying he already started in a few music videos that’s how they met - nobody would know who Sam Ashgari was without the Britney Spears connotations
  5. I don’t believe she wrote any of BJ. She didn’t sing on most of it so I’m doubtful that she wrote for that album. They 100% bought writing credits for that. I wish they would let her be more involved in her music. She’s proved she clearly has great writing abilities yet they go with songs written by other people. It’s almost like they hate her having a voice. Perhaps if we heard what Britney really wanted to write about we’d all be concerned
  6. Look at Chris Brown and the whole Rihanna fiasco. He was forgiven. The reason Britney hasn’t is for one reason only - she’s a woman. Here in the UK last year we had a TV presenter Caroline Flack die. She took her own life after a pending court trial where she was being accused of assaulting her boyfriend. There were photos of blood which people said was his but was actually hers after she cut herself. Everyone came down on her so hard and they were going to make a show trial to prove a point so she hung herself. She also lost her job on one of the biggest TV shows of which she was the presenter. Dec (from Ant & Dec) was involved in a car crash not long before because he was drunk driving and going through a meltdown. He could have killed a child in another car. He is now back on prime time television like nothing happened and all is forgiven. Unfortunately women always get the tougher end of the deal. Britney is a woman - she is not forgiven.
  7. I always thought it was so she didn’t feel uncomfortable given the stigma surrounding the song during the 2007 VMAs. By the time 2011 came everyone had moved on properly by then. Imagine a GM performance during Circus though
  8. I really hope this blows up and gathers a lot of exposure!!! Exposure could lead to change!! It’s already grabbing a lot of attention!! Poor Britney she wasn’t against the C-Ship she just wanted her greedy father out of the picture because she knew what a monster he was and now look at what he’s did. He’s ruined her life. Had Britney had an impartial team running it she’d have been out by now and living a quiet life in California or perhaps somewhere far away.
  9. I honestly hate that Make Me was a single at all never mind the first single it all but killed the album before it had even started. If I’m Dancing should have been a single. It was already generating interest when Glory first dropped. It’s catchy and super radio friendly. Plus that producer ended up being hot with Dua Lipa New Rules shortly after that. Slumber Party was so Britney and was the perfect single choice. I love the video. She didn’t need Tinashe I really don’t get what their deal was with that. If it was going to be a collab it would have been better to have did it with a massive star not Tinashe I would have also made this 4th single not second. She missed the boat totally with Change Your Mind. The whole Spanish vibe became very popular and she could have set the trend for that by releasing it as 3rd single. She clearly likes the song as she performed it on POM. It’s a very **** Britney song and she suits the vibe of the song. What You Need should have been removed in place for Mood Ring which should have been on the original album along with SITS. Matches I could take or leave.
  10. The only people she needs protected from for her safety is her leaching team, family and the guy standing next to her. At this point she’s already been assassinated. Mentally and physically.
  11. One of Britney’s desperate *** team trying to name drop. Wasn’t Lou doing this for a time to get close to Beyoncé and the like
  12. Ridiculous she needs security even while going a hike. Are they scared she’s going to run off? Surprised Sam doesn’t have reigns on her or is hand cuffed to her arm
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