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  1. How I Roll it was always the one song I skipped when listening to FF but now I’m like
  2. I hate how they’ve always tried to glorify and big Jamie-Lynn up as the next big thing when she’s SO unlikeable. She’ll never be on Britney’s level.
  3. I wish JL treated Britney with the respect and admiration that she’s given her throughout her life.
  4. It just goes from bad to worse. Next I’m expecting it to be Judge approves Britney being kept in a dark cage in the basement where she will remain for 23 hours if the day. Jamie Spears will be granted ownership of the cage too.
  5. Britney is one of few people who actually manages to change so much. Like she literally changed from 1998 and she’s changed every year since then. She manages to look so different. Whenever I see a pic of her I know exactly what year it’s from based on how she looks it’s so odd When they get her makeup right and if she’d stop tampering with her face she could look like the old Britney again. She looked so good here and I saw elements of Primney. She looks so youthful here and that was only 4/5 years ago
  6. I think Original Doll probably only existed in Britney’s vision. She probably only recorded a handful of songs with very dark lyrics which reflected her life at that time. She was breaking from the very polished “Pop Princess” persona. She wanted to have a voice and be in complete control over her music - are rightly so. I imagine her label seen it as too out there and I’ll be really honest - I don’t love Mona Lisa or Chaotic. Someday I Will Understand, My Prerogative, Do Somethin’, I’ve Just Begun are good solid tracks and combined with some of the rejects from the ITZ recordings I think she could have had a really strong album. And Then We Kiss, Strangest Love etc would have made good additions to the album. I think once her label pulled it she probably lost all motivation and hence why we eventually ended up with Blackout which is a fantastic album. I think people overhype the actual Original Doll songs. There probably wasn’t that much material and what was there was very demo like.
  7. She seems so normal here I feel like it’s been so long since we heard her just talk candidly. I really miss her I feel like Sam is 100% her handler though. The way he has to film - like why can’t Britney film her own video. Then the bit where she said “people on the internet...” Sam has probably tried to get her to say that beforehand so it makes it look like she has access to the internet which we know she doesn’t. Why is Sam filming a video of her for her own social media? People will think I’m reaching too much but it’s just facts.
  8. You’d get a reply letter back in Cassie’s handwriting to tell you that she has been doing fashion catwalks in her house and painting pretty pictures Signed Cassie Britney
  9. Just another notch to add to Britney’s abuse from the California “justice” system. At this point her dad could murder her and he wouldn’t go to jail. They’re so corrupt and literally want this woman to be bled dry financially and physically. It’s beyond a joke now how much they’re letting her suffer without any intervention.
  10. At the rate they’re burning Britney’s money, there is going to have to be a day very soon where it eventually runs out This can’t go on forever when she’s not actively working.
  11. I think heavy meds have ruined her coordination but she’s also lost a lot of passion along the way. She just never seems into it anymore
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