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  1. Beyoncé is sooooooo overrated I just don’t get it. I loved her earlier stuff with DC and the Dangerously in Love album but everything else is way too ego inflated
  2. I want her to look presentable. She can’t go to court proving her sanity looking like she’s been dragged through a bush backwards I want her to be smart but also comfortable. None of this leaving in bare feet and giving people something to criticise. Also no dark eye make up for the love of god Britney
  3. I get that attending court hearings may be stressful and bring anxiety to Britney but she really should be in attendance. After all this whole thing is about her. It’s about her life, her choices, her freedom. She has so many people talking about her or talking about her on her behalf but they should give her a chance to speak and express her view. Then that way we can hear from Britney herself without anything being misconstrued or her team posting utter garbage on her social media to make it look like she’s not phased by the hearings and is out the loop. I still find it odd that she’s not been central character in these hearings when the whole thing is about her?
  4. Shadow is such a gorgeous song and it’s so ITZ. I love the OHT performances she looks like a goddess
  5. Cascada has some catchy songs but she tends to work with cheaper copy cat producers like RedTwo or Max Barton
  6. I liked the Intimate Collection promo. She was in a different city with a different look everyday reminded me of her primney days She gave some pretty good interviews but she seemed shy and timid af during 2014 and the short hair aged her. I dunno how many times she said “artsy farts really really cool boutique store” and “muted colours”
  7. It’s so hard I think the DWADT was Britney at her prime. She was into it, consistent and the show itself was so magical and you could tell a lot of thought had been put into it. My all time favourite is the Onyx Hotel tour though she was so hot and her dancing on point the whole vibe of that tour was super sexy. I just feel bad because I think she was over it by the end of the tour and wanted to go off and have babies. I keep watching the Circus tour and feel so cheated we never got a DVD It was an amazing show and she seemed so into it. I love the whole Circus theme and the round stage it was cool.
  8. I’d rather cry in my mansion than cry in my shi tty abode Jokes aside she does have a lovely house I like the windows (not so much the decor )
  9. Surprised her dad didn’t go with her to the beach since he seems to control everything else
  10. If Britney had control over her finances again in the future you can best believe she would be making drastic cuts from her pay roll and rightly so. She’s already expressed in the past how she felt like people were taking advantage of her money. She had a party thrown for her which was in effect also paid for by her.
  11. What’s with all the recent posts about the Britney album Remember she was facing a radio ban after Slave. She was still an international superstar she was no declining despite what the chart positions may have suggested.
  12. Was she actually meant to perform and got nervous/sick in the helicopter so it was cancelled or was there never a performance and it was just rumours?
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