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  1. Amnesia Stronger Break The Ice Up N' Down If U Seek Amy Don't Hang Up Shadow Before The Goodbye Ooh Ooh Baby Why Should I Be Sad? Cinderella
  2. I really wish the best for her father and family, but after re-reading Britney's twitter post, reading the press releases, reading what Nabbytabs posted, and taking account the low ticket sales, I'm having trouble fitting all the pieces together. It really was very sudden of Britney to post that today when yesterday Nabbytabs was posting all these things promoting the residency. Plus, she said in the same post that her father was in the hospital a few months ago and was in bad condition, but the press releases say that he's recovering? Jamie Lynn has been posting about her dad since he was in the hospital a few months ago. Why is Britney bringing this up just now? Was she keeping this under wraps and thought her father would be in better condition once opening night comes closer, but her family suddenly called her yesterday to tell her that her dad is doing worse? Was it really because of low ticket sales, but out of embarrassment of admitting failure, Britney and her team decided to use her father's health issues as an excuse? Please pardon my curiosity, but I don't know. I really sense something sketchy. I'm starting to think that Domination wasn't just postponed for family reasons. Prayers for her, her family, and her father of course. I can't imagine how much this will take a toll on her.
  3. Invitation - 7.9/10 (the stupid wobble effect on her voice during the chorus ruins it for me a bit) Make Me - 7/10 Private Show - 1/10 (Her voice on this track are as grating as nails on a chalkboard) Man on the Moon - 8.5/10 Just Luv Me - 7/10 Clumsy - 2/10 Do You Wanna Come Over? 7.8/10 Slumber Party - 6/10 Just Like Me - 8/10 Love Me Down - 6/10 What You Need - 1/10 (the voice is the main issue for this song too) Hard To Forget Ya - 5/10 Better - 7.8/10 Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés) - 9.5/10 (this song did not deserve that atrocious Dragon Ball Kamekameha choreo) Liar - 5.5/10 If I'm Dancing - 1.5/10 Coupure Électrique - 3/10 (listening to Britney trying to sing in French is cringey ) Mood Ring - 6.5/10 Final Score: 5.1
  4. I find it pathetic that people are still arguing over Britney and Christina in 2018 I love them both and I think they're both talented in their own ways. But Sam definitely knows who Christina is though lol. I'm 14 and even I know who Xtina is. Heck, I actually knew about her way before discovering Britney because as someone who grew up in a Hispanic family, my dad would always play her Spanish songs and a couple of her hits all the time. Waking up to "Falsas Esperanzas" Saturday mornings was always a joy. Anyhoo, Musclehead Sam is just being immature and shady. Christina deserves respect.
  5. 1. Break the Ice 2. Everytime 3. Stronger 4. (You Drive Me) Crazy 5. INAGNYAW 6. If U Seek Amy 7. I Wanna Go
  6. BOMT: BOMT, Born To Make You Happy, I Will Still Love You (The Stop Remix for Crazy is better than the album version imo) OIDIA: OIDIA, Where Are You Now, When Your Eyes Say It Britney: Slave 4 U, What It's Like To Be Me, I Run Away ITZ: Touch of My Hand, Shadow, Showdown (that was too hard ) BO: Heaven On Earth, Ooh Ooh Baby, Why Should I Be Sad Circus: Unusual You, Circus, Out From Under FF: How I Roll, Criminal, He About To Lose Me BJ: Glory: Change Your Mind, Just Like Me, Man On The Moon
  7. 1. Oops...I Did It Again 2. Baby One More Time 3. Gimme More 4. Me Against The Music 5. Slave 4 U 6. Make Me 7. Womanizer 8. Hold It Against Me 9. Work ****
  8. Don't Go Knockin' On My Door Mona Lisa Everytime (Valentin Remix) BOMT Heaven On Earth Gimme More I'm honestly shocked that only 6 appeared on my playlist. I expected more Britney to take up half my playlist, but I was wrong lol
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