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  1. And yet you think Britney possibly likes certain aspects of the conservatorship even though, as I stated, she's been opposed it from the beginning. Even though you claim that you've followed it since '07, a lot of the court documents have been sealed from the public. The #freeBritney movement gained traction last year.
  2. Your comments about the conservatorship has given me the impressions that you've no idea what it is and that you don't know that Britney's been opposed to it from the beginning. There are no postive aspects of a conservatorship for a fully functional person.
  3. https://www.mtv.com/news/1580917/britney-spears-lawyer-ejected-from-courtroom-after-judge-doesnt-recognize-him-as-her-counsel/ Another article from '09:
  4. Brit wants dad to stay away October 23, 2009 TROUBLED star Britney Spears reportedly doesn't want her estranged father in charge of her personal or financial affairs. Adam Streisand, who sought to enter the case as Spears's lawyer, told Court Commissioner Reva Goetz in a hearing overnight that the mentally ill singer was becoming "agitated" and "distressed" at the thought of her father, Jamie, being in control of her welfare, the Associated Press reported. However, Ms Goetz today ordered that Mr Spears, and Britney's lawyer, Andrew Wallet, would remain in charge of the pop star's affairs until February 14. Ms Goetz also appointed a physician to evaluate Spears's competence to make decisions after court-appointed attorney, Samuel Ingham, who interviewed Spears at a hospital psychiatric ward, said she "lacked the capacity to retain counsel". Mr Streisand said Spears had not been given any notice of Mr Ingham's plan to interview her and had appeared at the hospital unannounced. The hearing came three days after Spears's father was granted temporary conservatorship following the ruling that Spears needed someone to take over her personal and financial affairs. Mr Spears's lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, said he wanted to be conservator because "his daughter is in great distress". "He's not here to take over her assets,'' Ms Thoreen said. "He's here to get her medical help. He's here to take over while she's healing." Ms Goetz also ordered Spears to have no contact with her friend and sometime manager Sam Lutfi, specifying that she could not reach him by phone, text message or by any other means, the Associated Press reported. Ms Goetz also extended a restraining order against Mr Lutfi. A child custody hearing between Spears's ex-husband Kevin Federline over their two sons has been postponed to February 19 due to Spears's ill health.
  5. Lou's been oddly quiet on instagram. She used to post daily on instastory and her two latest posts on her feed are tributes to Chadwick Boseman and 9/11.
  6. I've mentioned it before but Samuel has been around since the inception of the conservatorship. I wonder what made him change. I'm glad that he's finally on Britney's side, even if it took him 12 years.
  7. Sorry, but I don’t believe Paris. Why? Because she would’ve posted a photo of the two. She doesn’t sound sincere. I don’t see why they couldn’t discuss the c-ship. It’s basically Britney’s life.
  8. Samuel has been around since 2008. I refuse to believe that Britney just had enough after 12 years. It makes you wonder what happened between him and Jamie and what he’s gaining for finally having Britney's best interests at heart.
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