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  1. Wow is that even possible? To re-upload the video with old views number? Because 2 becomes 1 has 40m views like it had before.
  2. I'm not sure about a lot of fans either but ok, hope that you're right
  3. Mine too, and that whole scene with her "jigglying" in that dark room (don't know how to spell it tho)
  4. Ikr, I forgot to mention that but that's one of my favorite Britney looks. And at the end of first chorus and in the second verse she literally looks like 2000 VMAney.
  5. I'm talking about If U Seek Amy. I'm sure nobody hates it, but why more fans don't bring it up while talking about most iconic or best Britney songs? Like c'mon, that hidden message is BRILLIANTLY delivered and it's like the best thing ever in a song. Like, you can't make many songs clever like that. And despite that, the composition alone is brilliant even without hidden message (I study at Music academy and I learn about classical music and how their form is not 'just because' and we musicians appreciate when one motive or musical theme is used through every part of the song!) so that 'La la la' melody from the beggining is playing all over the song in the bass line, Idk why but that lifts the song on another level. And melody in chorus is brilliant, when it goes down using every tone of that minor key scale. It's very catchy. To sum up, this song is on many levels PERFECT, and I want you guys to realise it and don't always forgeting about it and just praising Circus or whatever... P. S. Sorry about bad english. EDIT. Obviously, I love the word 'brilliant'
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