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  1. Pls someone repeat what hashtags should be like? Like definitely now
  2. Oh. My. God. now I'm 100% sure we are doing the right thing.
  3. Lil Jay

    Britney Spears Premieres "Make Me" Music Video

    Whole Glory still sounds fresh to me, so yeah
  4. That happened to me, they kinda blocked me, but I just had to prove that I am not a robot and I continued again
  5. Those info are very important, can you add it to the first post?
  6. I also made it today. You have to make your own tweets on your profile by clicking on that blue feather in the corner with the + sign. It's like a post on Facebook. Not sure if retweets count too.
  7. The plan is to tweet at the same time to get those hashtags to trending on Twitter. More hashtags in less time, more possible to get it trending. And hashtags are #freebritney and #freebritneyspears I guess.
  8. One question for you Twitter experts: can I write for example 20 #freebritney hashtags in only ONE tweet, would that count like 20 hashtags or I have too write only 1 hashtag per 1 tweet? AND shall we write #freebritney or #freebritneyspears because today I've read there were more #freebritneyspears tweets than the first one usually more often one...
  9. I've made my account today specially for this so if I could, anyone can!
  10. My time is at 11 pm and I'm ready to crash Internet down
  11. Lil Jay

    music When did you first become a Britney fan?

    Argh I'm so jealous wish I have witnessed the beginning of Britney mania and that "new teen pop sensation" thing. Lucky you
  12. Ok sorry guys didn't know about storms right now, so that's why I've found this theory possible... And what is today's post?