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  1. chaotic is literally my favorite reality footage britney has ever done she is f**king GORG and i adore how carefree and fun she is ugh
  2. yuck i hate award shows. so fake and shallow. no real superstars and goosebump inducing performances lately
  3. no. i was praying for her but thought she’d die. i am so proud of her
  4. oh f**k my worst nightmare MADONNA WHY why would anyone associate themselves with this uncultured bihh
  5. stefihilton

    other Top 3 albums of the 80s

    mine are 1. Introducing The Hardline According to Terence Trent D’arby 2. Madonna’s debut album 3. Hounds of Love - Kate Bush yours?
  6. stefihilton

    other Taylor Swift M&Gs be like...

    i bet she takes 3 showers in a row after touching so many fans