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  1. EXACTLY the description is her team and the video is her take on everything. of course they had to add that the mails were fake. ofc they tried to discredit sam again cause he leaked them and gave us a glimpse of how fearless 2007 brit was like.
  2. that sam video is so staged jesus christ it’s obvious team b called the paps on him just to give that shitty reassurance
  3. i swear to god sam is the most gorgeous juicy delicious man she has ever had. he's like visual candy. and i bet he's good in bed too.
  4. Stefi Hilton

    other am i the only one expecting

    i personally think that she will never formally retire. they wouldn’t allow it. her career might come to a definitive halt only if she gets severely sick. .
  5. the morning toasters group. sounds reliable
  6. that honest video is really great. the millenials are his main target audience if i am not wrong
  7. this drug theory is just plain dramatic and false because it is set on the premise that britney has full custody and she could lose it. which is FALSE. stop listening to every retard on twitter.
  8. i think lynne is the bipolar one. liking freebritney comments and that one comment against jamie lynn and then being seen at a family reunion af if nothing happened? lynne is the definition of bipolar if she actually liked those comments with her own fingers.
  9. yeah! i really admire her for what she did. even though she payed an insane sum of money to go see britney she had the dignity to get the f**k out of there. what happened to her was unfair but it was unfortunately unavoidable considering britney's mental state at the time.
  10. i believed marta from the moment she posted that selfie video of her leaving the gig it was obvious that she was not making it up.
  11. Stefi Hilton

    music IF Britney recovers & comes back to music...

    well it's pretty obvious that not all of us are on the same page. like some of us are ready to boycott anything team b puts out because it would be hypocritical of us as a fanbase to yell freebritney and then endorse the very machine that got britney to this crisis. and there are some of us who already can visualise the new concept for the album and the residency. it's sad imho. shows how people are egoistical and see britney as a bop machine and not as this human who is visibly struggling
  12. the mental health industry is very flawed. my boyfriend is bipolar and he too has received random cocktails. some worked, some did not. it is a problem with the pharmaceutical industry and how they deal with their patients. there is no precision and care for the patients. they are lab rats. and that is sad.
  13. no one does except if they are in their VEGETATIVE STATE
  14. and because she is a conservative, cultist christian who endorses hunting. people who hunt 90% of the times are racists and homophobes take my word for it