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  1. miley’s cool. that black mirror role was such a great strategic move. all the young kids are into her now ????
  2. all celebrities eventually end up in the sunken place. that is how their lives are designed to be. they are all seen as replaceable and non-human by the industry.
  3. i feel that at this point, all the drama is affecting britney's mental health. just look at her latest IG posts. she is so bitter, so pissed about her situation. so insecure about herself and her life. it's tragic what the music business did to a girl who hasn't even finished high school. the amount of manipulation they practiced on her, sexualizing her at such a tender age. it all took a toll. she's had a life of continuous ups and downs because her education was never a priority. self love was never her priority. having time to learn and grow privately was never an option. she was a sacrificial lamb to a poor, uneducated family and now look where it got her.
  4. y'all realise that britney doesn't go that deep, yes? no etymology, philosophy, historical details etc. it's just a silly post with an even sillier description. mary magdalene never 'saved' jesus. at least that is not what the bible says. maybe she just recently watched davinci's code and is now confused or something.
  5. wow! the level this **** got to. i am shook. they impersonated sam!! and y'all call sam the bad guy! beyond...it's obvious that they chose to impersonate him because he's the ONLY f**king guy that is fighting the good fight. y'all crazy. smh.
  6. jesus, you people are deluded to a degree that scares me. why downvote the OP when it spills the damned tea? britney's instagram is a f**king mess but it is also a mirror to her internal landscape (thoughts, feelings, frustrations) you can tell she is in distress. or that post with 'good writing is a threat' signed britney spears that is so ironic, it's like she knows that we know that she's not such an involved songwriter, especially at this point in her life and it's like she is frustrated about it and wants to be ironic and bitter about it. i feel a lot of bitterness from britney lately. she is bitter about her team, bitter about her body, her songwriting abilities, her life, her closet. she lives in pure bitterness and i have no clue as to what would bring that needed sweetness in her life. her mental issues are just screaming 'hear me see me acknowledge me' and you cannot ever say that this is her being kooky. this is her psyche sending out cries of help.
  7. yes, especially their mental freedom. it feels like the planets that are in the 12th house are secretive. like, if you have venus in 12th let's say, you feel that your love life is a mystery, even to yourself. that's how i see the 12th house. also a lot of delusion involved. and confusion. possibly destruction.
  8. so true. i don't get why people disliked your post. i study advertising and marketing and i get literal headaches when i see britney's instagram page, i had to unfollow her. it's beyond.
  9. ohhh BRITNEY please stop worrying about your looks. you are FINE FINE FINE okay?
  10. I doubt you read the whole article. It mostly criticizes the approach of her Instagram posts. It’s a critical point of view not only on Britney but on her whole team.
  11. A brief analysis on her Instagram, the public’s expectations and a pop star whose personal life seems like a job. A great read! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/12/magazine/britney-spears-instagram-freebritney.html
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