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  1. but Glory isn't original... It's a great album but most of it's songs sounds like a typical 2015-2016 music
  2. Well... It's not good - but 90% of her "dancing" since 2011 looks like this... + even if it was not good it would still be much better than that damn chair! How can you SIT ON A CHAIR during a DANCE BREAK?!?.......
  3. Glory sold less than Britney Jean probably because people were angry and tired (thanks to Britney Jean... and just everything that was happening since 2011...) I personally was so over Britney after: her robotic phase during FF era, BJ album being not very good..., this whole mess with Britney not singing half of the album, her messy Playback Of Me... I mean: Piece of Me residency + her locking herself in Vegas forgetting about the rest of the world, giving zero ****s about promoting Britney Jean and giving us only 2 singles and music videos... and (the straw that broke the camel's back - for me) when Britney said that she ALWAYS sings LIVE I was so angry at Brit for constantly disappointing me as a fan and destroying her legacy every year since 2011 that I didn't buy Glory when it came out I'm sorry but she had it coming... so I'm not surprised that Glory did not sell well... Lot of fans has gave up their stan cards and when it comes to the general public - most of them still don't even know that Britney released an album in 2016...
  4. Her "holy trinity" is: B'Day, I Am...Sasha Fierce, and Beyoncé
  5. I think that Lou isn't Britney's manager. Her manager is still Larry Rudolph Lou is in charge of Britney's finances (as a part of her conservatorship team) and I think that she is around Britney since the very beginning of the conservatorship (2008). I think that I heard somewhere that Lou was around Jamie and Lynne even prior to 2008, and she was the one who convinced Jamie to put Britney under a conservatorship...
  6. Russia is not a member of the European Union, just sayin' Maybe Madonna would become a president of Poland we were supposed to have a presidential election today - but thanks to this pandemic (and our messy political parties) it was cancelled (only few days ago ) sooo... Madonna giirl - get your *** in here and save my flop country
  7. OMG YES! I can't with her team! We need to do something! They are not only destroying Britney as a person, but they are also destroying her career and reputation as an artist! DISGUSTING! Same! I'm still waiting for that "good mysterious book" that she mentioned in For The Record You're right, that cover is glorious (), the only flaw is that barely visible font
  8. omg it's so good and sexy! I wish you could: If U Seek aME It's sooooo good! wow ♥♥♥ I can't sing but can I still get the n00des? pls I'm desperate
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