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  1. It's actually a very good fragrance! It's not as sweet as most of Britney's fragrances (it's still too sweet for me ) and I think it has the potential to be used as a unisex smell (if you like sweet ones ). #StopTheDisrespect #JusticeForBelieve
  2. I have never in the 24 years of my life heard of him... or any of his songs
  3. but Gaga love to say that she is a Britney fan, yet she does not care that Britney is in such a bad and scary situation? If she is such a advocate for mental health - shouldn't she say something about Britney? and help her by using her huge platform? This is not about some silly music thing, or about "our fave" - Britney is in a real DANGER. She is in a situation that is unacceptable and so disgusting, that one day people will look back at it and they will be so grossed out that this abuse was even happening... I just hope that Britney will come out of this alive, cause those are not jokes, this is not just being "pressed".
  4. It does not "hurt me" in any way, shape or form If it's helping anyone out there - that's great and again I applaud Gaga for that. I just said that it's starting to irritate me when you can't have a Gaga interview without her talking about how bad her mental health is/was etc... It's starting to be less and less genuine... It's like she made this a part of her brand and it's her constant narrative. It's like she is bragging that she was depressed etc... I don't think that such a serious topics should be discussed in EVERY interview, even the ones that are promoting an album - because like I said it's becoming less and less genuine, and is starting to look like some kind of gimmick - (I don't think that it is one, but still). and maybe I'm too worried about Britney, but I wish that Gaga (an apparent Britney hardcore fan) would use her gigantic platform to raise awareness about Britney horrible situation... She loves to use some Britney references here and there, but she refuses to say anything about FreeBritney? She definitely knows that something bad is happening with Britney, yet she does not care - and she proceeds to only talk about herself, and her mental health (in front of millions of strangers, to use it as a tool to help promote her album...) I still love her as an artist and I wish her all the best! but it's becoming a little bit too much for me...
  5. I'm starting to get sick of her using the same narrative and talking about her mental health since 2010... I applaud her for being brave, but why is she talking about this in EVERY interview? Maybe she could for example help our girl Brit and post something about #FreeBritney , or at least acknowledge that Britney is in a very bad situation FOR ONCE... instead of always talking about herself... Don't get me wrong - I love Gaga and I love when someone is being honest about their mental health. The issue is that she is using this narrative in 99% of her interviews...
  6. I'm sorry but Gaga's Applause and Stupid Love + Katy's This Is How We Do - were not "hits"
  7. Well... maybe the order is a little weird overall, but Circus, In The Zone, Blackout and Glory are my favorite Britney albums
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