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  1. He really can’t do any knee choreo correctly if we are being honest
  2. hello, ive just come here to defend myself cause i wont have my name used FALSELY to spread and fuel drama that i am not even involved in i have not accused @Roxxy of BULLYING me and thats it this is highly annoying as I have enough problems in my personal life then to be used in drama
  3. Are u using ur phone? I’m talking in regards to the glitch cause that was happening to me too
  4. Exactly! Y’all think he understands all the legal stuff behind her conservatorship? HES 13 FOR ****S SAKE yet he still understand everything we all have been talking about and mind u this is his MOTHER Some of y’all are CRAZY literally if Britney was reading this site right now she would be so mad
  5. Lmfao 95% of middle school boys have probably called something gay before Y’all are a little blinded
  6. Guys Jaden never used the f word pls don’t spread that he just said “he’s so gay” hes 14 and litwrally hs no access to him mom ok chill out
  7. Wait wait wait so they appreciate the fans help but it’s not working if they are trying to cancel the wrong person? doesnt it sound like He’s saying we should be more focused on other people who should we be cancelling? hmmm it doesn’t sound like he’s totally against the movement and against what people are saying
  8. It’s so sad cause we used to be so accustomed to Britney performing ALL THE TIME (Pom residency tours etc) and now I literally would die to see her perform one lyric live again
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