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  1. remember when it did nnnnn that ari stan twink leaked to us that her pee was green ugh maybe it was from one of her skinny needle green juice drinks
  2. its cause she knows how much brinni loves to secretly twerk hehe\ or maybe she wants to invite her over to let her escape through her secret passageway that let her escape from larry
  3. ok ummmmmmmmm excuse me? are u kidding rn? britney has done way more stuff and worked way harder than xtina has in the past 10 years after her breakdown than xtina has in her whole career. "but she doesn't sit around and pout" huhh she didnt even tour for the past 10 f**king years until 2018 while britney has released 4 albums done 3 tours and a residency and even judged on a show, while xtina had been doing virtually nothing compared to that. pls dont compare them again as britney has done a sh!t more and only since JANUARY has taken a well deserved break.
  4. Sis- 2021? back in 2008 they literally dragged her ass from the HOSPITAL and plopped her in a recording studio in what how many months ? Like 4-5? they are pyscho about making money and will do the same again
  5. (Yes Ik this is probs fake but it’s funny) I- they want her to go out of her way to do what- M&gs?!?!? LMFAOOOO She literally hates those more than k fed
  6. Oh great they are slowly starting again prerogative new addition some cool new additional commercials announcement for announcement on idk the Wendy show Then boom stronger residency coming dec 27 (but they’re too cheap to scrap ideas of dom so it’s basically gonna be the same show but with a title that doesn’t match) then new documentary and album and everyone forgets freebritney
  7. I think she has started to read comments on her insta posts as she’s picking up on things and snapping more. I personally love it it makes her more real but I don’t want to her to get hurt. I can see she’s slowly stopping the eye shadow and again with the date of vid.
  8. jokes on her when she will be in hell due to her sins with the gays, cant wait for exhell to attack her even in the afterlife
  9. look at the last picture I am so so glad her joker smile is gone
  10. Maybe she needs to go to a professional get all her nasty extensions out and let her natural hair just grow out and she needs to treat it well cause all this bleaching ain’t working
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