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Everything posted by nerdygeekgrl

  1. I don't think any posters signed at concerts do. I think Ariana grand did something similar but idk if a COA came with it. Either way, I do believe it would be considered a fraud and worthless then.
  2. He was. He's a massive guy. Just the way I like them 😋 and yes he smelled amazing! OK we gotta get back on topic lmfao!
  3. Time for us to network and be her friends so we can get some inside scoop and personally free Britney ourselves lol
  4. Henry freaking cavill.... I met him 3 yrs ago and I legit told him he's so pretty in person. To which he responded, "Oh, well thank you" in that sexy accent of his.
  5. It is, yes. I just had to refresh it. Thank you. Holy moly this is a lot of info. This is my summer reading.
  6. Damn idk what happened but I requested access. Hopefully u see that email so I can view that drive.
  7. Hmmm, @Jordan Miller mind looking into this user and doing something? I get the whole freedom of speech, but it's becoming a bit annoying now that he's constantly downvoting everything we write about pro freebritney and anti cship, anti Lou, etc.
  8. @YannFranceso how much did you get paid to speak pro cship? For real. Cuz I can double it if you can agree to stop
  9. same, I'm tired of this khar @YannFrance disliking everything that has to do with helping Britney. Enough, dude. We get it, you like to see her restrained and in a cship. You enjoy seeing her misery. Now go away. We don't need your negativity around here. And if you're gonna defend your actions, DO IT NOW!!!!! Quit being a coward and say who you are. You've got balls to dislike everything behind a computer.... let's see you speak. What are you afraid of?
  10. Is this her actual IG? There's another one named mississippifefe which is her too thought it has a lot more followers. I'm in a Britney fb group and a friend of the admin had lunch with her, posted a selfie video of them interacting and tagged the mississippifefe IG account instead.
  11. But wouldn't streaming also give her team money? I thought streaming music also means they receive a portion of royalties, no? I'm refusing to stream, watch anything Britney on YouTube, Amazon/Netflix, buying anything w her name attached to it. As much as I love her and wanna support her, we have to stop. We aren't support HER. We're supporting Lou and Jamie's bank accounts. Until she is free, I'll listen to the cd's I have bought from the past and listen to them thru my laptop. Otherwise, this is it. This is my temporary goodbye to Britney till she's free.
  12. I still say we go with Spearits (spirits) Since we're gonna haunt Lou's *** for the rest of her life lol
  13. I'd hope it would be like a wellness check and then if they see any signs of abuse or mistreatment they'd go after the guardians since it's their responsibility. But maybe that'll also give Britney the voice to say they're doing it to her
  14. This is from my friend who lives in Cali. She gave me the following info when I told her about Britney's cship. I encourage you guys to reach out and call. All calls/inquiries are anonymous "Just like Child Protective Services, anyone can call Adult Protective Services and open another investigation. The county has a Civil Rights Coordinator. In Ca - Civil Rights Ca Dept of Social Services in Sacramento (916) 654-2107. or *866-741-6241 (toll free). I would encourage like minded people to call them. There is also a website https://www.cdss.ca.gov/adult-protective-services There is a list of Ca County Civil Rights Coordinators. Just like Child Protective Services the person requesting can remain anonymous ."
  15. Lmfao I love this. My special is wine, coconut rum, more wine, and finally end it with some Mike's Hard black cherry. Wow I'm an alcoholic aren't I?
  16. All this! That video of him saying "kiss me, kiss me" shows how much he wants to media attention. When she was with Charlie, that guy literally stepped back and gave her the spotlight on the red carpet. He gave the photographers photo of them as a couple and photos of just her because she's just as important. Sam has not once done that. It's always about him. He wants the camera on him. Not Britney. Him.
  17. Keep it up, guys. We gotta keep finding more incriminating evidence to prove that she needs to be freed. We need to keep this going so more Celebs can speak out.
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