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  1. Watch there be a post made today on her IG but it'll have absolutely nothing to do with his bday. More shade to him
  2. These beauties I miss these pranks that they'd pull on her!!! 😭
  3. That would mean he has to use a brain. We all know he doesn't have one.
  4. The answer was so obvious lol. I completely forgot he's really gay but prefers to hide that.
  5. And look how stiff she is! I just don't see what it is about him that she's so attracted to. Unless she is a fantastic actress and can see right thru his BS and faking it for the cameras. I wonder if he's doing this not touching her cuz he's so scared if she's free one day she will call him out and use the #Metoo movement (how he touched her without her permission) on him.... Knowing him, he WOULD make sure not to touch her so he can say, 'Look, I didn't touch her, honest! Golly gee, why is she being so mean to me?' in that boy scout kind of way.
  6. He doesn't have a Twitter and this is supposed to be a Twitter acct I think?
  7. This one really bothers me. He's prob got 1 line or 2 lines in an episode and he's acting like he's the damn star on the show. I never even heard of this show so when I did a Google search he's not even listed as a cast member! If having a couple of lines boosts his ego that much, imagine what he'd be like if he had a supporting role, or worse, a starring role? He'd be so arrogant and cocky (as if he isn't already) that he'd say "Screw Britney, I'm a star now. I can have any girl I want." aaaaaaand then dumps her.
  8. He doesn't even have a Twitter. This is fake. He's been silent all this time, you really think he'd do something like that and jeopardize all that money Papa Spears is giving him? Pfft. This is just as fake as him.
  9. I have Prerogative and Private Show. Though I haven't opened the latter. With covid19, I hardly go out so no need to wear perfume in the house. I'm set to have perfume for the next 3 yrs lmao.
  10. Cuz why woukd he care about her well being? He just wants her $$$ There's only a few of us who know his true intentions
  11. This is sweet. It's genuine and just wants to do something she's been asking for the last 12 yrs: talk. I hope the two of them do talk and I hope Finneas tells her entire time to get out and let them 2 of them talk in private.
  12. There is no way Lou and her father would let her speak freely about how miserable her life is in the c-ship. She tried during that talk show in the UK snf well, that was quickly axed. Her team want to silence her.
  13. The sad thing is, ur right. I showed her dancing vids to my former student who's been dancing since she was 2. She goes, "Ms. F that's not dancing. That's just spinning." And with the beat like that in Say it Right, the dance could be sooooo good if you knew what you were doing.
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