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  1. Also to add, I'm so happy that Ms. Lou and Robin are always counting Britney's pennies.
  2. Gotta love Jamie for being a conservator while wearing a wrinkly white shirt and cap. Nothing screams professionalism & trust than a beer belly, t shirt and a Monster cap.
  3. God how I've missed your posts about Scam. His desperation now is becoming pathetic. Where is the biggest Sam lover of all to chime in and say something about how he makes her happy and to leave him alone? Hehe
  4. *Musk But also (and more importantly) how is she not in a cship? She's a careless driver and a careless parent who let her daughter ride an atv at... 9? 8? I just remember she was really really young. The world don't make any sense to me anymore.
  5. Says the one who's on Sam's D even when he IS caught lying 😊 I at least have common sense, idk about you.
  6. Hellllllllll nah. Downvote me all you want. That just means I struck a nerve. To me, that's a success.
  7. I love LootCrate but this is horrible. They're giving no hint as to what's in it. Normally LootCrate offers (well, the Marvel ones at least) a poster, a shirt, a pin, a cool everyday item (cap, mug, beach towel, etc).... This is just a sweater, and dolls that we have no clue what it'll look like? That's a hard no for me. If I'm gonna shell out money for LootCrate exclusives I wanna know what I'm getting. This is a terrible deal.
  8. When you don't see ur significant other for at least 2 weeks, or talk to them over the phone, you get a bit suspicious, no? And then you say it's an act of courage? Dude, seriously? Even if they did lie to him, eventually the truth came out. We all found out she was put there against her will. He couldn't make a public statement and say "damn I messed up, I didn't know"?
  9. Don't buy it. They're contracted to make them by the licensed company. WHich means the money goes to Britney's team, not to Funko. Just like when they make Marvel or DC, etc. The money goes into Marvel/Disney's pockets, Warner Brothers' pockets, etc.
  10. Did Maxi really say that Sam and Jaime don't get along? Sorry but I don't buy that one bit. Even if they didn't get along, Jamie is so power hungry he'd remove him and throw a restraining order at him immediately. If he can get rid of Charlie & David the moment they tried to speak up and possibly begin to help Britney, then he as hell will definitely throw a RO to Sam. Jamie is the "I don't give an F who you are.If you and I are gonna clash, I'll get the law involved to silence you" type of guy. So you're telling me, Maxi, Sam is constantly arguing with Jamie and Jamie ISN'T gonna remove him? But yet he easily removed Charlie and David the moment they clashed? Something doesn't add up.
  11. The things that have been said and done here are abhorrent. If some of the things that the owner has done to some of her CLIENTS ever got to the media, god help her. Turn over is high for a reason This one always bothered me. I constantly get a picture in my head of Britney wanting to go somewhere and Lou saying, "Sure. Beg. On your knees. And bark like a dog after every beg." cuz she is the type who WOULD do that. "There have been instances of the technology team being forced to snoop through everyone's Skype history and emails to look for messages voicing their opinions or concerns about the company or the CEO. Upon finding, those people were terminated on the spot. 

" Yeah, this I believe cuz she monitors everyone's devices if they're part of the cship.
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