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  1. Khoazie

    exhale Something I noticed

  2. f**k this is so adorable. Ugh!
  3. Khoazie

    poll (POLL): Domination Predictions

    Get out of my head.
  4. Khoazie

    socialney Another spot on parody. Screaming!

    That hair flip at the end
  5. “Ahhhh I WANNA GOOOO!!!”
  6. The bass is getting Bigga!
  7. Can someone tell me please, didnt Katy Perry lip sync the super bowl? I watched it when it aired live and I remember thinking that she lip synced it, but now I’m seeing all these comments saying she sang live...
  8. America also put trump in office.
  9. Khoazie

    exhale Jonathan Ross interview 2016

    I thought so, I felt like this was once of the more comfortable interviews that she’s done in a while. Sure we didn’t get anything interesting out of it, but honestly, I don’t need her to spill the tea and all. As long as she’s looking healthy, and seemingly happy that’ll do for me!
  10. Did she though? I remember that was lip-synced, but it’s been a few years and I’ve only seen it once...
  11. I’m so sick of these super bowl threads ugh