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  1. Khoazie

    event ET Canada's commentary on Domination

    Was it me, or did she mouth something when she got to the bottom of the stairs? It almost looked like "I'm scared?"
  2. The bodyguard on Brit's rightside looks kind of crazy...
  3. Khoazie

    music When Your Eyes Say It MV

    I definitely went straight to McDonald's as a kid to get that VHS the moment I heard about it. Great avatar! Loves me some Aaliyah. "I Need a Resolution," and pretty much that whole album is fantastic.
  4. Khoazie

    other Re-Name The Britney Song (Game)

    Body Ache - Take Me Down There Ooh Ooh Baby
  5. "NEW SHOW" That would actually be hilarious. "When will you IDIOTS stop undermining Britney" in Mama Lynne's voice It would make me MOIST with joy to see Brit Brit do an old-school ballad live omg
  6. I wonder if ANYBODY in Britney world stopped to think how odd it was to announce an announcement, only to not? Queen of non-existent announcements.
  7. Loves that dude 11. They cut to cars driving past an Outback Steakhouse. This! The camera work was not flattering to the whole event. So much going on, and yet nothing was happening. Ugh!
  8. He can't walk it like he talk it. (sorry couldn't help it)
  9. Jealous! Dear god I hope they don't wear this Residency leg out the way they did with POM/POM 2.0.
  10. John McCain (2016): Shonda Rhimes (2016): Elton John (2002): Marina And The Diamonds (2012): Adam Rippon (2018): Ricky Martin (2018): Justin Tranter (2018): Snoop Dogg (2011): Joseph Kahn (2008): Heather Bright (2011): Tinashe (2017):
  11. Khoazie

    poll Quick survey of B-Army

    What are your naive languages if I may ask?
  12. Khoazie

    other Britney Spears world collector

    You have a museum too?